Global Change

By Theodore P. Snow


Many people think that the earth doesn't change,but it always changes.The mountains change the oceans,you might not see it but it's actually changing right now
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The earth has one main gas and its oxygen,oxygen is one thing that we breath but we need carbon dioxide to make oxygen,oxygen is formed from plants we breath out C.D and give the plants air and they breath out oxygen which we breath.

Changes Caused By People

Changes of earth are naturally but most of them are caused by us. We pollute the earth which damages the earth we make the green planet look like a brown planet.Instead of throwing things in the trash people throw it on the streets which can go to plants and pollute the plants and give us less oxygen.
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The Loss Of Ozone

There is another gas that is also in the air but it is very high in the sky.The Ozone layer is very important because it protects us from the sun rays,air conditioners,refrigerators,spray cans ruin the ozone layer which will eventually destroy it.
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What Will Happen Next?

Bad things are happening in earth,but good things are also starting to happen but no one will know what will happen till it actually happens.Hopefully the earth will last long and be taken care of.
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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, and High Strangeness

Earth changes