Magazine and Newspaper Unit Rates

Sun-Maid Snack Size Vanilla Yogurt Raisins, 6pk

These are some raisins and here is everything:

Ratio: $0.41/$2.74

Percent: 17%

Decimal: 0.41

Unit Rate: $0.41 per 1pk

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Dole Pineapple Tidbits in 100% Pineapple Juice, 4 oz, 4 count

Pineapples, a food, and also has all this stuff:

Ratio: $0.50/$1.98

Percent: 25%

Decimal: 0.50

Unit Rate: $0.50 per 1pk

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Sunbeam Hot Dog Buns, 8 count, 12 oz

Hot dog buns, you may not know this, but they have all these things too:

Ratio: $0.67

Percent: 13%

Decimal: 0.67

Unit Rate: $0.67 per 1 bun

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Laserlyte 393 Batteries, 12-pack

Woah, even Batteries?:

Ratio: $0.90/$10.79

Percent: 8%

Decimal: 0.9

Unit Rate: $0.90 per 1 battery

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Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls, 24 Ball Box

Well, I kind of knew tennis balls were one:

Ratio: $0.70/$16.88

Percent: 4%

Decimal: 0.7

Unit Rate: $o.70 per 1 tennisball

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