What is the deepest place on earth?

By: Mason Petersdorff

Characteristics of the trench.

Say you take Mt. Everest and put the base at sea level and then make the tip of the mountain and add another 2 miles, that is how deep the mariana trench is. On average the pacific ocean is 12,740 ft. deep but the trench on average is 36,201 ft. deep. The trench is 1,500 miles long and 43 miles wide. At first the trench was thought to be only 5 miles deep, this was later overwritten to be 7 miles. The trench is over 5 times the length of the grand canyon.
Long Way Down: Mariana Trench

Were the trench is located

The Mariana trench is 124 miles southeast of believe it or not, the Mariana islands. The trench is 210 miles outside of guam in the western pacific ocean.

Facts about the trench.

  • the deepest point is named after the challenger explore vessel.
  • scientists had a 4 year search in the trench.
  • thousands of people have scaled Mt. Everest wahl only 2 people have gone to the challenger deep.
  • a majority of the trench is owned by the U.S
  • The trench was first taken on in 1875
  • at the bottom of the trench the pressure is 8 tons per square inch (that is equal to an elephant putting all of its weight on an inch of your body)
  • the trench is 180 million years old
  • most of the trench is completely black

What lives down there?

Did you know that about 5,000 species of sea creatures have been found in the trench. The sea bed creates a toxic goo. Over 200 microorganisms were found in 1 mud sample from the trench. Snails in the trench grow soft shells because growing hard shells can be difficult with all the pressure in the trench. Snailfish, eels and bioluminescent cone jellies have all been found in the trench.