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Special (AREAS) Edition

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This month in Special Areas...

Art - Ms. Perry

January was a great month in Art class! We traveled to Japan!

First grade learned all about Children’s Day in Japan, which takes place every 5th of May. On this day, children are encouraged to have fun and explore what makes them stand out as individuals. We watched a video that followed two elementary school students as they learned all about Children’s Day and the special koinobori that businesses, homes, and schools hang up to celebrate! Koinobori are kites that look like colorful fish and appear to “swim” through the air. First grade is creating their very own koinobori!

Second grade is learning all about the Great Wall of China! Did you know that the Great Wall of China is FIVE TIMES as long as the distance between New York City and Los Angeles?! We watched and discussed a video about the Great Wall of China and are currently creating landscape paintings of the Great Wall using watercolor paint and the blending technique. Next, second grade will move on to Japan by learning all about the Japanese cherry blossom tree, how it is depicted in traditional Japanese art, and we will create our own Japanese cherry blossoms using mixed media. We read the book Sakura’s Cherry Blossom by Robert Paul Weston.

Third grade learned all about the Koi fish and its importance in Japanese art, gardening, and cuisine. We are creating a koi fish painting using the wax-resist technique.

Physical Education - Mr. Bittner

Here at Bullock we just celebrated the 100 days of school! Just since we’ve been back from Winter Break we’ve danced, done a math, fitness game called Pyramid Battle, and we’ve ridden scooters in a few different activities including scooter hockey.

It’s been fun watching the students learn and grow and express themselves through these activities. I love it when students’ interests line up with an activity and I see them excited to share connections to their own personal experiences. Our focus is on doing our best, having fun and making our hearts healthy through movement and to inspire students to look for activities that they can enjoy for years to come. These are my main goals every week.

We’ve been fortunate lately with nice, warm weather but we’re also at the time of year that brings plenty of rain showers. Please be cognizant of your children’s PE day and make sure they wear or pack sneakers accordingly. You can find your child’s PE day on our school website. I know that some students want to wear boots for the cold, snow and rain but they will not be able to participate without sneakers in PE. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Keep exploring fun ways to keep moving!

Mr. Bittner

World Cultures - Ms. Castro

We kicked off January with our second annual Multi-Cultural Week Celebration. Students learned about various cultures in school through Show-and-Tell. Students exhibited pride in their traditions, and respect for classmates’ differences. Students brought in flags, pictures, artifacts, songs, and even family recipes to share. Multi-Cultural Week encouraged students to develop tolerance and respect for diversity. We all have CULTURE. Though culture is a multi-layered concept, it is important for students to understand that everyone is unique. Why not start in our World Cultures classroom? Please view our compilation video of the event by clicking here!

During the week of January 26th, we virtually flew to China just in time to learn about the Lunar New Year. Students were greeted at the entrance with a red envelope with “money” and given a brief explanation of how many children in China, Vietnam and other countries celebrate the Lunar New Year. Students extended with their own personal connections regarding various occasions they receive money from family members. Students saw dragon dance videos, read stories and created paper lanterns of their own to document their learning. We focused on the similarities we share and gained knowledge of our differences. The Lunar New Year was truly a festive celebration!

Technology - Ms. Locantora

Our First and Second Grade Techies will be doing a little traveling over the next few weeks. We will be Hiking Around the Internet, SAFELY of course! Students will discuss that there are a lot of places to travel online and just like in the real world, some places are safer than others. Also, just like the real world, we would never let them travel alone! Together, we will visit a National Park online that will allow me, Mrs. Locantora, to model safe travel on the Internet and for all of us to share safe tips along the way.

As for our Third Grade Techies, we will be prepping for the NJSLA over the next month. Click here to see the State Website that provides you with all of the information about what NJSLA is and sample tests that students are able to complete to help them feel comfortable before taking the NJSLA assessment here at school. We will be covering the different types of questions and tools that will be popping up on the NJSLA and taking a couple of the sample tests in class to ensure that the students feel confident before taking the assessment in the spring!

Special Areas STAR Students!

  • Artist of the Month: Adelaide Schutte, Azari Martin, Seyleena Gowans

  • Athlete of the Month: Jasmine Khalil, Shawn Foy, Ryan Cook

  • World Traveler of the Month: Kamiyah Jones, Levon Currie, Maxwell Smith

  • Techie of the Month: Zayden Louis-Jeune, Jameson Moore, Ana Solorio Laurel

  • Bulldog Buddy of the Month: Elijah Smith, Shaad Gibson, Scarlett Bradley

  • Health Buddy of the Month: Luke Johns, Yritza Lisboa, Aiden Scott