Argentina and London

By: Alayna Wilderman

Main Facts

Argentina is in South America and their capital is Buenos Aries

Argentina had a population of 37,384,816 noted on June,2010

In Argenitna they speak the language of Spanish

London is in Europe an it is the capital of England

London has a population of 59,647,790 noted on June of 2010

In London they speak the language of English


Argentina's weather is mostly temperate (80,70,60)

Argenina is also in the cool zone for humidity

Londons weather is mosty temperate too

Londons humdity usally is in the medium to high

Did you know?

London was the worlds largest city

Britain has no writen constitution
England help developed many of the worlds favorite sports

Minning is very important to Argentina

Eva Peron the first lady of Argentina was in Evita a musical

The first people in Argentina were American Indians

The biggest dinosaur belived to be found in Argentina

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