April 20, 2021

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From Principal Hammond

Dear RES Families,

We hope you were able to re-energize and rest during the April break. With only 41 days of school left, we have a busy schedule ahead of us. Thank you for ensuring that your child gets plenty of rest and has a good breakfast each day so they can have a successful, productive experience at school.

Within the next several weeks, we will share our tentative plans with you regarding our fourth grade stepping up ceremony. With Covid protocols and restrictions/requirements still in place, we are working to make the day special for our fourth graders while maintaining safety protocols. Many of our typical end of year events may not feel exactly the same as they have in the past, but we are doing our best to maintain some of our RES traditions so the students feel a little bit of a sense of normalcy as we wrap up our school year together.

Thank you for your continued support.

In partnership,

Natalie Hammond

Mark Your Calendar

Wednesday, April 28 - Conference Day, minimum day, Gr. K-4 dismissal at 12:50pm; PreS/PreK at 12:15pm

Thursday, April 29 - Conference Day, minimum day, Gr. K-4 dismissal at 12:50pm; PreS/PreK at 12:15pm

Friday, April 30 - Conference Day, minimum day, Gr. K-4 dismissal at 12:50pm; PreS/PreK at 12:15pm

May 4 - 7 - ELA Smarter Balanced Assessments, Gr. 3 & Gr. 4

May 4 - Redding Board of Education Meeting - 7:30p via ZOOM

May 11 - 14 - Math Smarter Balanced Assessments, Gr. 3 & Gr. 4

Friday, May 21 - Early Dismissal, staff professional development day


In SCHOOL DISMISSAL MANAGER (SDM), If you select an early dismissal to pick-up your child, please do so by 2:00pm.

We begin our dismissal process much earlier this year. Anything later than 2:00pm impacts our dismissal process and the staging of our buses in the bus loop.

We appreciate your attention to adhereing to 2:00pm, as the LATEST pick-up time for an early dismissal for your chlid(ren).



Reminder - Conferences will take place next Wednesday, April 28 thru Friday, April 30. Your child's classroom teacher sent out a link to sign-up for your ZOOM appointment.

Please be sure you have checked the schedule to set-up your time to meet with your child's teacher.

Thank you.


Attention Grade 2 and Grade 3 Families:

Nominations for gifted identification as well as advanced learning opportunities in Grades 3 and 4 are due Friday, May 21, 2021.

If your child was in class with Mr. Farina this year in 3rd grade, that does not guarantee placement in 4th grade. Any such student has to go through the testing process again.

Please see the information below regarding the nomination and identification process for giftedness as well as information for advanced learning opportunities in Grades 3 and 4.

Fall 2021-2022 Kindergarten Registration

If you have a child that will be 5 years of age on or before January 1, 2022, they are eligible to enroll in Kindergarten. Registration packets can be found on our website at www.reddingelementaryps.org

Please pass on this message to other parents in town that may not be aware of our registration process, especially, if they do not have older children in our schools.

If you have any questions, please email Bobbie Granskog at bgranskog@er9.org or call her at 203 938-2519 Ex. 304

Thank you.


Update from the Health Office:

Your school nurse, Jennifer Connolly, can be reached at jconnolly@er9.org or 203-938-2519 ext. 309.

  • Please continue to report student absences and the reason for absence in School Dismissal Manager.
  • Please report all illnesses, exposures to COVID positive people, and COVID test results to the nurse before sending children to school.
  • Please note an updated version of the daily health screening tool to be completed every day. Daily Home Screening Tool

  • Students in Kindergarten-2nd grade should have an extra change of clothes at school. For students in grades 3 & 4 consider sending extra clothes as well in case of spills.
  • SPRING IS HERE!!!! Please CHECK YOUR CHILDREN FOR TICKS after outdoor play. Consider applying sunscreen before school, especially on PE days as the students will be outside for recess and PE.
  • Please SEND AN EXTRA MASK EVERYDAY (they get very wet at PE and recess with running and play in warmer weather).
  • Please refer to the state travel advisory https://portal.ct.gov/coronavirus/travel and the CDC travel guidelines https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/ for what you should do if you travel.


This year we used a new procedure for student pick-up at dismissal time. We found that the CAR TAG system has worked out effectively, and we will continue with this same process in the years to come.

Please hold on to the CAR TAG that was issued to you this year. You will continue to use that number until your last child moves on to Grade 5 at JRMS.

Thank you -

Zoom Troubleshooting

Some of our students are signing into a Zoom session and are being directed to the class they previously attended that day. To fix this issue, students should get into the habit of clicking the LEAVE button at the end of each class. Our teachers will also click the END MEETING FOR ALL button to help us work through this common issue. For additional support, please reach out to Pattianne Nordt, our Technology Assistant (pnordt@er9.org), or Rebecca Richards, our Science, Technology Integration Coordinator (rrichards@er9.org).

Click the link to view the Zoom Student Directions video

Zoom Download Tutorials can be accessed here: Zoom Family Resources

Important Reminders

Arrival & Dismissal

Parents/Guardians who are dropping off students in the morning, or picking up students in the afternoon are asked to remain in their vehicles during this process. We will have staff on hand ready to support during these transition times. If you are dropping off your child in the morning please be sure their mask is on and backpack is ready BEFORE you pull up to the drop off location, so that we can quickly and safely transition kids out of vehicles and into the building.

RES Visitors

Due to the current health and safety precautions in place, we are limiting visitors in our building to essential business only. If you need to come to the school to pick up your child, please be sure you have a government issued ID on you for entry each and every time. Even if we recognize you, we will ask for your ID. This is our policy.

Traffic Safety

Please be reminded to follow all traffic rules while driving in our parking lots and around RES, including stopping at stop signs and adhering to the speed limit. Cars may not travel into the bus loop during arrival and dismissal.

School Dismissal Manager

If there are changes to your child's dismissal plans, remember to log in to School Dismissal Manager to update with the new plans. A reminder that 'bus' is the default for all students. Distribution of a student pick up number tag, or the data from the summer survey does not automatically inform us that your child is a pick up.


Please be mindful that there are students being dropped off for classes other than just PreSchool at the far side of the building. There are attempts to make 3 point turns in the middle of the driveway. This is causing vehicles to back into the vestibule entry location, which is VERY dangerous with the students and staff entering that doorway. THANK YOU.
Redding Technology Help Desk

Tech Help Desk Form



Ms. Jennifer Del Conte, Director, Spec. Svcs.


Mrs. Jennifer Hankla, Supervisor, Spec. Svcs


Mrs. Marilyn Caruso, Secretary, Spec Svcs.

mcaruso@er9.org Ext. 312


Please email any enrollment or registration related materials or questions to Bobbie Granskog as noted below. We welcome Mrs. Kulkarni as our new registrar in the main office. Please allow her some time to acclimate to RES. Thank you for your patience.

Miss Bobbie Granskog, School Secretary

bgranskog@er9.org Ext. 304

Budgets, Payroll & Tuesday’s Newsday, Interim - ENROLLMENT / REGISTRATION

Mrs. Komal Kulkarni, School Secretary

kkulkarni@er9.org Ext. 302

Registrar & Enrollment

Mrs. Rachel Saluzzi, School Secretary

rsaluzzi@er9.org Ext. 301

Assistant to School Principals

School Dismissal Manager & Subs


Nurse Connolly — Ext. 309

Library— Ext. 343

Kitchen — Ext. 346

You will find a complete list of telephone extensions and email addresses for our staff on our website www.reddingelementaryps.org

Tuesday's Newsday Material Deadline

April 23 at 10:00 a.m. Please send to Bobbie Granskog at bgranskog@er9.org. Thank you.



Please see attached flyer to adopt a senior. Thank you.

Message from the Town of Redding

Countdown to Earth Day!

Let's Build Mt. Trashmore

(Rid Litter Day)!!!!

The banners and signs now adorn our Town Green, displaying Redding's mission to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and build "Mt. Trashmore" in honor of Earth Day 2021!

Bring family and friends to the Town Green on Saturday, April 24, 2021 (9 am to 1 pm p/u; drop off until 3 pm) to pick up gloves, vest and trash bags and head out to rid Redding of roadside litter!

If you already have a road you want to clean up let us know ahead of time and we will keep a running list of "requests". Otherwise, we will assign you a road.

Once you are done, just bring your trash back and help us build Mt. Trashmore. Come back around 2:45 for a photo op and help load the dumpster. After the dumpster will be weighed. In past years we have collected close to a ton of trash!

Contact Town of Redding Office of the First Selectman via email: asmith@townofreddingct.org

Let's help keep Redding Green & Clean!

Visit: https://townofreddingct.org/community/earth-day-2021/