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Kindergarten has successfully mastered virtual learning with Team Meetings, completing and submitting assignments, Guided Reading Groups, and using Dreambox and eSpark for the very first time! Letters, sounds, sight words, Handwriting Without Tears, rhyming, and writing have been filling their mornings with a variety of activities. Afternoons are filled with using ten frames, identifying shapes, number sets, addition sentences, forming numbers correctly, the life cycle of an apple, sink and float activities, measuring and weighing apples, and calendar fun! Children and parents have worked hard to accomplish all of these amazing tasks! Go Kindergarten!

1st Grade-

First grade has been hard at work! Students and families have mastered their technology and are off to a great start. Students have excelled at drawing a picture to tell a story! The students have also been working on writing two complete sentences using capital letters, finger spacing, and punctuation correctly. In math, we are working on noticing patterns in equations and building partners to create a larger number. In science, we have talked about germs and the new season upon us, Fall! We look forward to the fun activities we will be working on come October

2nd Grade-

Second Grade is working on addition and subtraction in math. We are learning our doubles facts, how to find missing addends and fact families. In reading, we are focusing on different genres of stories. We are learning different types of sentences and how to add the correct punctuation marks. In writing we are working on writing a complete paragraph. We are working to include a topic sentence, three detail sentences and a conclusion or wrap up sentence. Finally, in social studies, we are beginning our unit on communities.

3rd Grade-

3rd Grade is working hard on learning to submit assignments, multiplication and Division as well as how to restate a question in a response.

4th Grade-

In Social Studies, 4th graders are acting as detectives to see how historians ask questions and gather evidence to learn about the past. They are also learning about the five themes of geography to understand how geographers learn about the world.

Math- We have started our first unit in math. Students are learning about Place Value. This week we are learning how to round and compare larger numbers. We will work with numbers to one million! Soon we will begin to add and subtract greater numbers, making new groups when necessary. Please be aware that I use many different vocabulary words when teaching this concept. I use words like: regrouping, ungroup, carry over, borrow, and make new groups. It is absolutely okay to use vocabulary that you are familiar with when helping your kiddos. 🙂

We started Unit 1 in our reading series. Students are learning about subjects and predicates and how to form good, complete sentences. We started working on our ideas in writing, making sure we add enough details. For reading, we will be focusing on problem and solution, figurative language (idioms), and cause and effect. We also started our spelling and are currently working on long a words.

We are starting the Human Machine unit in Mystery Science. Students will see that we can think about our bodies as being like machines. We have parts for moving, sensors, and a built-in computer. Students will explore their senses and consider how the information we process helps us understand and react to our environment. We are working very hard to put out content that students can consume efficiently on technology.

5th Grade-

Fifth grade Science is working with States of Matter and being able to identify unknown substances. Students are using a variety of different properties to describe these objects.

Math students are busy working with fractions. The students are learning how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. The students are also learning how to regroup when subtracting mixed numbers.

Our 5th grade students are diving into text structures in language arts. We have been focusing on the text structure problem / solution while reading the story "Searching for the Titanic." This high interest story has peeked their curiosity

In social studies we are working on "Thinking Like a Historian", learning about primary and secondary sources and how to read informational text by identifying text structures.

6th Grade-

Science- 6th grade scientists are learning about the Water Cycle, how we use water and the effects of human development on water supplies.

Math- We have been looking at prime numbers and finding the greatest common factor and least common multiple in sets of numbers. We are using this knowledge and applying it to real-world scenarios in our word problems. The students have been doing a phenomenal job learning how to maneuver our Big Ideas Math website. We will next explore the world of fractions in the next month.

In 6th grade social studies we are focusing on geographer's tools. We have been looking at different map projections, using latitude and longitude, and identifying the different hemispheres and what are located within them.

Tech Assistance

Mrs. Wolf, our media center teacher, will be available at various times throughout the week for tech assistance, working with students on how to submit assignments, and any other areas that our students may need help. If you feel your child would benefit from Mrs. Wolf touching base with them for a small group teams meeting, please feel free to reach out to her at holly.wolf@uticak12.org.
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