AISLE District 8

Spring Update

District 8

What we do as a district:

  • Collaborate and communicate to each other throughout the year...not just at conference time!
  • Find the others! If you know of certified school librarians in your district who aren't in AISLE please let me know so we can make sure they know what AISLE can offer them.
  • Find out what's going on in AISLE/ILF and opportunities to volunteer in the organization.

AISLE Board Member Opening

If you're interested in helping out AISLE consider becoming the District Rep Coordinator. This person just keeps an ear to the ground for the eight districts that make up Indiana and shares information between them. If you're interested in filling this year position email AISLE president, Michelle Houser at

Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Tired of writing your signature and time for EVERY pass? Buy a time clock and inform teachers and staff what your "new" signature looks like.

Never sign another pass again!

Get Together Survey

Please fill out this short survey so I can find out what the group consensus is for us getting together.

Everything Must Go!

ILF is closing out it's conference store and everything is marked to sell! Get a deal today!




Got a trick to share? An opportunity we just can't pass up? Know of other certified librarians that need to join AISLE? Send it out to the AISLE listserv, your District 8 librarians or your rep! Thanks!