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Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 10-5-15 through 10-9-15

Fall Is in the Air! Sort of...

The weather is changing and that means illness. Remember to take care of yourselves and wash your hands. We need your healthy :)

Sara and I are proud of the instructional strategies we see all over the building. We have seen many of the strategies you shared during the Bobcat Visioning meetings being implemented all over the grade levels. Continue to be mindful of the student needs and continue to make instructional decisions based on data. I am so excited to hear about how you are supporting specific students in future Bobcat Visioning meetings. The next Bobcat Visioning meeting will focus on PPPA and SBIC. Be sure to complete the survey that Sara placed in your mailboxes.

The district curriculum department is offering optional webinars for those wanting more support with LA/SS integration (see the What's Happening section). The login instructions can be found on the site calendar in the notes section.

This Thursday we are hosting the 1st follow up Momentous workshop from 3:30 - 5 pm. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k8Bg4pwRH3NOpzPJSt4ex6fWrIIM34Xne69_kFrZnvY/edit. All professional staff are expected to be in attendance.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who came out to support the PTA sponsored Kid Mania night last Tuesday. The students had a ball!

Thanks everyone and let's have a wonderful week!


Cecilia & Betty for attending the PTA board meeting and contributing great ideas. Charles for piloting the Rapid Eye system making Memorial a School to Emulate! Anna & Seema for planning and organizing a wonderful Mentor/Mentee meeting. Anna, Bev, & Lislia for presenting Words their Way and Dictionary Skills. Jennifer E. for organizing and managing CogAT testing for 3rd & 5th grades. Sara for leading the Bobcat Visioning meetings for Kinder, 3rd, & 5th grades. Keep sending your Kudos my way and you will see them here!

What's Happening!

10/5 - Kinder MAP Reading Window Opens

10/5 - K-3 Fire Safety Clowns 1:30 pm

10/5 - Optional 3rd - 5th LA/SS Webinar 3:15 pm

10/6 - K - 2nd LA/SS Webinar 3:15 pm

10/7 - Vertical Team Meetings 3:15 pm

10/7 - Computer Classes for Parents 6 pm

10/8 - B-Week Bobcat Visioning Meetings (1,2,4)

10/8 - Momentous Training 3:30 pm

Pride's Schedule

10/7 - Training Sockwell

10/9 - Region X Discovery Education MakerSpace Workshop

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

Send your funnies my way and you will see them here!

Happy Birthday

10/6 - Kerri