Clara Barton

"The Angel of the Battlefield"

About Clara Barton:

  • In Clara Barton's early life, she was an educator, nurse and the founder of the American Red Cross (1881).
  • When she was only 15 years old she became a teacher & opened a free public school in New Jersey.
  • During the Civil War Clara become known as "the angel of the battlefield." She received this name by helping out the soldiers in any way she could.
  • At the beginning of the war she collected and gave supplies to the union army, but she didn't like not being in the "action" so she became a nurse and saw combat for the first time in Fredericksburg , VA in 1862.
  • After the civil war ended in 1865 she became involved in the war department, to help reunite the missing soldiers back to their families, and also to find out more information about other missing soldiers.
  • Crowds of people would come to see her to hear her discuss her war experiences.


Why the photographs were chosen

The photographs chosen were picked to show the different effects Clara Barton had on the Civil. Each photo shows how she helped to make the soldiers life in the war better. She always tried her hardest to help everyone she could by caring for them as a nurse (the angel of the battlefield), creating the american red cross, and by creating ways to help as many soldiers possible find their families.

By: Kylie Davis