The Giver

Lois Lowry , Winner of the Newbery Medal

Brianna.H book review of The Giver

A very powerful novel fit for the most adventurous readers.

Life in the community where Jonas lives is very serene. Citizens are assigned partners and jobs. Everybody agrees to everything that goes on around them without question. The community is a world without choice. Everybody is the same. Except for Jonas. At the ceremony of twelves 12 year old's are given there life assignments. But when the names are called Jonas doesn't seem to hear his. He then discovers he had been chosen for something special. His life assignment known as The receiver where he will learn his walks of life with a mysterious man known as the Giver.When Jonas progressively learns that the powers lie within him and his feelings he's forced to make a decision to save a life, will he do it? Or is it too late?