Its Raining Cupcakes

"The Grass Isn't Always Greener"

Written By: Lisa Schroeder

Project By: Bailey Clifton

188 pages


In the town of Willow, Oregon lives twelve year old Isabel. Isabel has always dreamed of traveling the world, but her mom has just opened a cupcake shop. Isabel thinks of how boring her summer will be. Then she learns about a baking contest. The finalists with the best recipe get to go to New York! But her best friend Sophie is also entering. Let's just say that Sophie always has things go her way. Along with the stress of beating perfect Sophie, Isabel is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Her mom wants Isabel to do a cupcake recipe, but Isabel wants to do something original and unique. Then Beatrice Brownies, a famous brownie shop, opens in Willow. So Isabel's mom starts second guessing herself about opening the new shop. Read the book Its Raining Cupcakes to see what all goes down.

*Point Of View*

The point of view is first person. Its Raining Cupcakes is written in first person because the author uses the words I, me ,my, and mine.


The theme teaches Isabel in this book to enjoy life from wherever you are, and not so much as where you go. You can apply this to your life by having fun wherever you are. For example, once Isabel is having a great time in New York she realizes that Willow, Oregon will always be where her heart is. I've always wanted to go and live somewhere different, but Georgia is always where my heart is. You also have to make friends and have a good time wherever you go. Some of my very best friends live right down the street from me, and I can trust them just like Isabel's best friend Sophie.