War has gotten to where East Pakistan turned into Bangladesh!

What could be worse than the deadliest tropical cyclone hitting East Pakistan just about a year ago? This war! They are calling this a revolution.... a conflict sparked by a rise of the Bengali nationalists. This war has been going on for nine months, since March 26th 1971. The war started the night of March 25th after thousands of people were killed, although the violence focused on the capital, Dacca, the process of ethnic elimination was also carried out all around Bangladesh. Residential halls of University of Dacca were particularly targeted. The only Hindu residential hall (the Jagannath Hall) was destroyed by the Pakistani military, and an estimated 600-700 of its residents were killed..... An additional execution took place on December 14 1971. About 400,000 women were either killed, raped or tortured! Stop this mess..... They even are calling this war a genocide!

Bangladesh even means "The country of Bengal"

We believe that this war stared because East Pakistan was always complaining that they received less development funds and attention. The country "America" supports Pakistan.


: Arab news,, Google search and images.


Published on December 15th 1971

Updated on December 16th 1971