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Summer Reading 2020

What an incredible year this has been! But summer is here, and we can all take time to relax and recover for the next school year. Summer reading is a great way to enjoy a travel adventure, a summer romance, a bit of drama, or solve a mystery. Humor, suspense, westerns, and the classics are all available for you to experience and enjoy. Summer is also a good time to learn a new skill, learn more about a topic of personal interest, explore a hobby, or just expand your mind and try something new.

The summer reading theme for this year is Imagine Your Story. The focus is on fairy tales, mythology, and fantasy. Which is a bit spooky since I didn't know that when I made the Library Link video on fairy tales with Ted as a guest. Feel free to watch that video if you haven't already done so.

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Normally I'd partner with the public library to offer a fun summer reading program, but I haven't been able to meet with our Highland librarians this year. The public library will be hosting a Summer Reading program, but is still working out the details. However, the dates have been set, and the public library's Summer Reading will run from July 6 to August 1. So keep checking the library's home page so you don't miss out on any of the fun and prizes.

Lake County Public Library Summer Reading

Seniors! Whether you're going to college or to work, now is a good time to read up on the next phase of your life. If you're going to college, reading in your future major will give you a head start, and allow you to show off your knowledge in front of your professors and fellow students.

If you're starting to work, it's never too early to start your professional development. Employers are not funding PD like they used to, and much of the responsibility has shifted to employees. In our information economy the knowledge and skills required to succeed are in constant flux. You've finished high school, but the need to keep learning will only increase in the future. Why not get started now and stay ahead of the competition?

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IUN Reading Skills Program

Indiana University Northwest, Center for Urban and Regional Excellence is proud to offer the Summer Reading Skills Program. Since 1996, this program has helped students in our community build strong reading skills and develop a deep love of books and reading.

Classes are held live online. Call 800-903-2173 to speak with a program advisor. The link to the high school page is:

Need Suggestions for Reading?

Try these vetted recommendations.

Of course, lists like those above are highly subjective. However, if you see the same title popping up on multiple lists there's a high probability that it's a title worth taking the time to read. Enjoy!