Visible Light

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Description of Wave

Wavelength: 400 - 700 nanometers

Frequency : 430 - 770 THz

Velocity in a Vacuum: 2.9979 × 10


centimeters per second

Health Impact


-If exposed to an excessive amount of visible light, it can link to age-related macular degeneration.

-If exposed to too much visible light it can progressively reduce ability to adapt to extreme light conditions.


-Visible light allows us to see different colors and the environment around us.

-Different intensities of light allow our eyes to adjust to see clearly and visibly.

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This video is showing the visible light. There are several examples of it within the video. One of them is using ionized gases in test tubes and lighting them up which then causes different light. Another is using 3D glasses and then shining light through it which then projects the ‘rainbow’ looking light onto a surface. There are many different ways to project visible light, it could be as complex as ionized gasses or as simple as