Lineville Technology

By: Hailie Phillippi

Typing Web

Typing Web is an online program that we have been using in the beginning of each class for five minutes and during free time in class. It is a site that allows us to practice typing by giving us different typing workouts and telling us when we have mistakes. This site has many lessons that begin easy and get harder as you go on. Also it has specialized lessons for the keys that you need some work on.


ITrailer is an app that allows you to create a trailer from a format. The app allows you to add pictures, video and text to a fitted format with music already in it. There are many different formats to choose from so your ITrailer has the best quality for whatever topic yours is.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is also an app that allows you to create a presentation using slides. It allows you to use different formats to best adjust to your topic. This app had a feature where you can hide notes during the presentation so while you present you can talk about things that are not on the board or screen.

Explain Everything

Once again explain everything is an app but this one lets you give lesson or presentations. It has a function where you can record yourself talking, drawing, typing and switching slides so all you have to do is click play. You can draw, type, add pictures and text before you record so you only have to switch slides and talk.

Go Animate

Go Animate is and online program that you can use for business presentations. There are many different functions that you can use for all types of presentations. In our class we used this website for a game two truths and a lie.

Career Locker

Career Locker is an online site. It allows the user to read up on many different careers and find information about each career. This site also allows you to take tests and find out based on your answers what some good careers for you are. You can even create your resume, and add all of your qualifications.