Kay Hagan

North Carolina Senate


Hagan was born in Shelby, North Carolina. As a child she grew up in Lakeland, Florida, where her father became mayor of Lakeland. Hagan graduated from Florida State University and later recieved a J.D. from Wake Forest Law School. She worked as a banker at North Carolina National Bank and also became an attorney.

Kay Hagan was co-chairman of the Budget Committee of North Carolina, where she helped invest in education, raise pay for teachers, and increase minimum wage. In 1998 Hagan was elected into North Carolia General Assembly. She was a representitive until 2007 when she decided to run for U.S Senate.

U.S Senate

Hagan ran as a democrat against Elizabeth Dole a republican in 2008. If elected Hagan wanted to expand background cheaks for gunpurchases, increase teacher pay, and fight for an increase in minimum wage. Elizabeth Hagan won 53% of the vote while Dole won 44%, this was the largest margin of victory for a Senate race in 30 years. Hagan was also the first women to defeat an incumbent women in a Senate election.

Political Position as Senate:

Abortion- Hagan believes firmly in pro-choice.

LGBT- Hagan supports gay marriage.

Health Care- Wants to make Health Care more affordable.

Gun Control- Voted to expand background cheaks for gun purchases.