Early Americans

Explorers who came to America when it was first founded

Dante Garren


Many people from London came to America for wealth and glory but at the time it was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though there was nothing there people came so they could have freedom from king George the 3rd when they got there some found wealth others found death and some found everlasting fame.When they arrived at America they found that it was already inhabited by Native people.Most Indians did not want the British explorer Christopher Columbus and his men to be there but some took a chance to meet them.
London: a country in Europe

Freedom: When a person (in this case a country) can say or do anything

inhabited: person or animal will live somewhere or in something

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How the Indians got to America and why

The main reason is in the last ice age there was an ice bridge that was formed. Many games went across the bridge but the Indians needed them for food so they followed them across the ice bridge.When they arrived they settled from Canada all the way to the tip of south America.
The Native Americans lived in many different places such as grasslands to up on the mountains (as seen above).Grasslands are flat places of land that only has enough rain for grass and small plants but they survived on animal packs called games. Other places that the Indians stayed were Deserts which are big body's of land that is made of sand and has cacti and bushes.
Game: a big group of animals together

mountains: a huge piece of land that sticks out of the ground

cacti: more than one cactus

ice age: a time when snow covers the whole earth


The Trial of Tears is a path that the Indians used to get to the place that some of them are today.It was when the Europeans were already settled and were not at war with the Indians YET.The Europeans wanted more land so they pushed the Indians back and if they did not obey then they would fight them and kill them.
land: to own a big area

obey: to do what one is told to do

fight: to defend or attack

Tradidions and life styles

Native Americans had and still have many traditions used by different tribes they have different dances, beliefs, and habitat (etc). The boys would help there father build or fix the girls usually played house or with dolls that were supposed to be the spirits.


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