Diamond kite

jazmyne zellner

here is the blueprint of the kite

this is just to see how the kite will come out. the blueprint will also help me remember what my kite will be like.also it would help me remember what kite i am doing.

final kite

this is how my group kite turned out.we use many materials to build it. you have to use light weight materials to build it.you also have to follow instructions right.my model kite help me with my real kite because it made it easier to make my real kite.

Kite Measurements

to fine our surface area we divided the diamond into 2 triangles.when we did that we did b.h then divided by 2.after that we tried to find the perimeter and area. the way we did that was for perimeter we added all the number together after we we got them by multiplying.we had to make the diamond into two triangles.then we found the area by the triangle formula.perimeter:218cmsq sorface area:149.4cmsq

Kite Word Problem #1

In 1820, George Pocock connected several large kites to a carriage and pulled it from Southampton to London. Since road taxes were based on the number of horses used to pull a carriage, he was able to avoid any taxes! The 60 mile trip took two hours. Modern kite buggies now go twice as fast but seldom go as far. How fast was the carriage moving? ANSWER:30

Kite Word Problem #2

In the year 169 BC, the Chinese General Han Hsin used a kite to measure the distance between his camp and the wall of an enemy city. His soldiers then dug a tunnel the same distance in order to crawl under the wall and attack from inside. The city was conquered by a kite! How can you measure a minimum distance with a kite? ANSWER:you could use your foot steps to measure your distance