Hatchet Project

By: Josselyn Ramirez

10 Safety Tips On How To Survive

  1. Stop.Don't panic.Breathe deeply and make yourself think slowly.
  2. Look for shelter from wind,rain,snow,or sun depending upon weather.
  3. Conserve moisture.Avoid drinking anything with caffeine unless it's all you have
  4. If it's hot,Conserve body heat and fluids by taking it slow so you don't sweat.Or,if it's cold,make a leaf or a pine-needle bed to stay warm.
  5. Protect yourself-a long sharpened stick can be useful tool or weapon.In the same vein,a fire can provide protection.Most animals won't bother you,but it just takes one.
  6. Take an inventory and count everything; matches,coins(they can make an fish lure),candy,and any nearby food source-grub worms,berries,ants,fish-and all of it.Count it all.Even an old can may be handy.
  7. Take a moment to review the long-term problems coming at you-do you need more wood because it's going to be very cold or a more permanent shelter.
  8. Start thinking of getting help.Make a fire signal.Or make a large design on the ground that can be see by air.
  9. Don't listen to the fear side of your mind.Try to think of positive things.
  10. Amass wealth-get more wood,more leaves,more food,and more tools.You never have enough stuff.