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"Believe in the whisperings of God to your own heart."

St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop

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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Next week will be an exciting week for the school starting with the Pupil Free Day on Tuesday. Staff will be spending the day with a presenter on personal wellness and how to look after their mental and emotional well-being. Following on during the week will be the Wellness Week for the staff and students. I would like to thank the parent and staff committee who have organised a number of events to improve knowledge around well-being of mind, body and soul.

Please keep our Year Six students in your prayers and thoughts as they prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Sacrament will be held at St Columba’s Church on Saturday 8 June at 6:00pm.

Friday week, we will celebrate St Columba’s Day at the school with a Mass at 10am at the Church. Parents and carers are welcome to attend. On the following Monday we will be swapping classes with St Columba’s in Bayswater. Our students from Year 1, 2 and 6 will be going to Bayswater, and Bayswater students from Year 3, 4 and 5 will come here. Students at both schools will be participating in a tabloid sports day, a sausage sizzle and icy pole.

God bless.

Allen McMahon


What a Week!

Important Dates - Week 6

Friday 31 May

  • Year 3P Assembly at 8:50am
  • Winter Sports at St Pius X - 1pm to 3pm - Years 5 and 6

Monday 6 June

  • WA Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 7 June

  • Pupil Free Day - No School for Students

Wednesday 5 June

  • Wellness Week Commences
  • LifeLink Day at Newsman College - 10am to 11am

Friday 7 June

  • St Columba's Day Whole School Mass at 10am. All are welcome to attend,
  • Winters Sports at St Benedict's - 1pm to 3pm - Years 5 and 6
  • Dental Screening - Select Students

Merit Awards

Merit Award Assembly Recipients - Friday 7 June 2019

Year 1B: Emily P and Diego F

Year 1O: Audrey K and Angus G

Year 2C: Nate B and Vivienne B

Year 2F: Jacob H and Emma R

Year 3B: Michael M, Cait P and Eva D

Year 3P: Maya

Year 4: Cayden and Ruby

Year 5: Claudia

Year 6: Charlotte and Angelo

Code of Conduct

This week we examine Statement 10 of the Code of Conduct, that guides the behaviour of all people in our school community.

‘You maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in Catholic schools and the Church.’

Effective relationships are necessary for the best education of students and is predicated upon an inherent trust between the school and parents. We consider the interests of the school and the Church when exercising our right of freedom of speech and participation in public debates and publications. The safety and well-being of students is always placed above the reputation of the school.

Example of breaches include but are not limited to:


● A staff member posting negative comments about the school or the Church on social media.
● A staff member engaging in criminal activity and/or not informing school leadership of any criminal investigation or other legal proceedings in which they are involved.


● A student not adhering to Uniform Policy.

● A student misbehaving in public whilst wearing the school uniform.


● A parent expressing opinions that damage the reputation of the school or Church.

● A parent not ensuring their child adheres to the Uniform Policy.

● A parent engaging in aggressive or abusive language or harassing others in any forum that can reflect on the school.

Parish News

This morning the Year 6 students had the Sacrament of Reconciliation before receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation next Saturday in the Vigil Mass of Pentecost. I congratulate their parents and teachers. They will be joined by College students, formerly of St Columba’s and the State School students. At this weekend’s Masses their banners will line the walls of the Church and I will invite parishioners and families to adopt one or more as a prayer sponsor.

In the Confirmation Mass I will invite the candidates to pray for those who have been praying for them. I will also invite them to pray for their own chosen sponsor. As space in the Church will be at a premium, I have asked those not directly involved in the Confirmation to attend another Mass next weekend being the 7:30am or 9:30am.

God bless you all.

Monsignor Brian O’Loughlin

Parish Priest

2019 St Columba's Cross Country Carnival

Last Friday our students from Years 3 to 6 participated in the 2019 St Columba’s Cross Country Carnival. The students represented their faction over various race distances for their year level. The students were wonderful sports people cheering their faction and competitors on. At the end of the carnival it was MacKillop who proved themselves worthy to win the carnival. The points earned at the cross country will go towards the Athletics plaque. A big THANK YOU to the parents and teachers that helped train students for the carnival in the previous weeks. A special thank you to the many parent helpers and supporters who attended the event. The results from the carnival are as follows.

2019 Faction Placings:

1st Place: MacKillop

2nd Place: McMahon

3rd Place: Casey

2019 Champion Placings:

Year 3 Girls: Alexa - Champion Girl and India - Runner-Up

Year 3 Boys: Oliver - Champion Boy and Tye Mamana - Runner-Up

Year 4 Girls: Scarlett - Champion Girl and Grace - Runner-Up

Year 4 Boys: Christian - Champion Boy and Finley - Runner-Up

Year 5 Girls: Anna - Champion Girl and Claudia - Runner -Up

Year 5 Boys: Lachlan - Champion Boy and Connor - Runner-Up

Year 6 Girls: Madeleine - Champion Girl and Charlotte -Runner-Up

Year 6 Boys: Oliver - Champion Boy and Cole - Runner-Up

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APSMO: 2019 Maths Olympiad

Last week the Senior LEAP students participated in the first Olympiad for the APSMO Maths Olympiad competition. The students were given 30 minutes to answer 5 complex problem solving questions. The Senior LEAP students have been preparing themselves for the competition throughout the semester. Some elements of their study included Polya’s Four Step Problem Solving process, prime numbers, rules of divisibility and algebra. There are four more Olympiad papers for the students to complete at different competition dates over the year. We congratulate them on their efforts in preparing for the Olympiad.

Kristie Sadowski

Learning Support and Extension Coordinator

Thank You to our Parents and Friends

Your generous support for P&F fundraising initiatives makes it possible for our teachers to purchase resources from their Wish List, to enrich the children's learning experience.


Thank you very much to P and F for their generous contribution to Pre Kindy! We were able to purchase magnetic construction tiles, foam blocks, dramatic play toys and a wooden doll house.

Kindy B and Kindy O:

Thank you to the generous P&F for giving us funds to purchase resources for our Kindy classroom. We purchased lots of health and science bits and pieces to assist us with our learning in Kindy. We look forward to growing our own vegetables in our garden beds later in the year, to add to our sunflowers and broad beans we have grown this term!

Pre-Primary B:

Thank you P&F for helping us to purchase our new sensory table. We have enjoyed the water and coloured rice play so far and are looking forward to some new sensory sensations soon. The table is a great way for us to engage in meaningful conversations with our peers. It also aids in developing our cognitive skills, fine motor skills, language and creativity. Love Pre Primary B

Pre-Primary F:

Thank you, once again, for your generous and ongoing support of the children's learning with the funds for our class 'wish list'. This year Pre-Primary F has used the funds to purchase: an Active Word Stand, at which the children can explore an endless variety of sensory and imaginary play activities; two sets of sturdy giant building bricks which are very large and strong, yet light enough for the children to lift easily and to safely make big exciting constructions; and a hand drill and drill bit set, to extend the children's woodwork and develop their fine-motor strength and control.

Be Well this Week

Next week is Wellness Week. With so many children having been sick this term, we hope the long weekend provides an opportunity for families to rest and recuperate. May we all consider the importance of our Physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Artist of the Week

Edith from Year 5 is the Artist of the Week. Edith was chosen to be Artist of the Seek because of her spectacular Colour Wheel. To make her Colour Wheel, Edith used watercolour pencils, permanent markers, water, black paper, pencil and glue. Edith’s favourite thing about her Colour Wheel is the purple part. She likes art because she can create amazing artwork from just a few materials. Her favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh because he uses a lot of colour.

Skyla and Layla

Year 6 Art Ministers

Musician of the Week

Layla is the Musician of the Week. Layla plays the ukelele. She has been playing the ukulele for 3 years. Her favourite performance is when she played 'Coldplay'. Her favourite piece is 'Old Town Road'. Layla helps out with the Ukelele Club at school. In the future, Layla would like to learn the flute. Her other hobby is sewing.

Skyla and Layla

Year 6 Art Ministers

Library Roster

Monday 3 May - WA Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 5 May - Chia Sim

Happy reading over this long weekend!

Sandra Malarkey and Alice Shaw

Remember Composting Wednesdays

We are collecting our food waste in compost buckets each Wednesday. Pre-Primary now have Battery Recycling bins in their rooms - look out for the tiny purple bin to drop your batteries in!

Look at the link below to enter the competition to make a short film on recycling mobile phones. Win Great Prizes for our school.

Erin Shaylor and Brianna Bechelli

St Columba's Recycling Team

Inviting New Kindy Families - Help Spread the Word

St Columba's is now accepting Kindy applications for new students for 2021 - please help to spread the word!

Our Kindy is fully booked for 2020 (but ‘waiting list’ applications are still welcome) and spaces for 2021 are filling up fast - so we encourage families to enquire now.

Interested families can call (08) 6436 9500 or email

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DOSC's 2019 Footy Tipping Competition

Round 10 Results

A record Three rounds in a row with O’Eagle - Oliver P taking the prize for highest tips in the round, great tipping Oliver P with 8 correct tips and margin of 5 points.

Top 10:

1. MC The Best - Matthew C - 63

2. The Mighty De’s – Neilsen D - 58

3. Scarymans - Mark S - 58

4. O’Eagle – Oliver P - 58

5. Goal Sneak - Todd D - 58

6. Lorraine J - 58

7. Iuliano Family - Paul I - 58

8. Collins Gang - Grant C - 57

9. Kennedy17 - Christian P - 57

10. Wolf Pack – Clint P - 57

Todd Dawson

Footy Tipping Coordinator

Woolworths Earn and Learn

  • Collect as many stickers and you can between 1 May to 25 June 2019.
  • Stick them on the sticker sheets and place the completed sheets into the collection box in store for St Columba's or our collection box located outside the library.
  • Extra sticker sheets are available from the school office.

Entertainment Books 2019/20

Get your new Entertainment Membership today.

With the 2018/2019 Entertainment Membership about to expire, now is the perfect time to buy the brand new 2019/2020 Entertainment Membership! You can enjoy thousands of valuable offers for everything you love to do, all while supporting fundraising for St Columba's.

Entertainment Books ($70) are also available for purchase from the school office. The P&F receives $14 commission for each book sold.

Click here to support our school!


Choir Camp! An exciting opportunity for any student who loves to sing!

This camp, in association with the Royal School of Church Music, has been running for 45 years, and we’d love to invite participants between 8 and 18 to join us for a week of singing in Geraldton, in the first week of the July school holidays! The staff include professional musicians, teachers and past participants! We all love it so much we keep coming back each year! For further information find us at or Facebook @RSCMWA, or visit to secure a place.

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As the month of May draws to a close we thank God for our Holy Mother Mary.