Panama Canal

By: Corey Wagner

What is it and Why was this important?

The Panama Canal was extremely important for ships and trading or transporting goods through the ocean. It is one of the largest projects that has been done. It is a man made area through Central America to pretty much cut travel in half which is exactly what it did. So it impacted the United States majorly because we could transport more faster and in a better and safer way. The Panama Canal is still there today, it took a lot of man power and time to build but they knew it would impact travel of goods and supplies in the future in a very good way.
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Who Built This?

Theodore Roosevelt wanted to help make the american dream of easier trade a truth. SO he had the idea of building this canal and it worked, with a bunch of men working for what seemed like forever and it was finally a dream come true.
Panama Canal Time Lapse - Full Transit From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic