Hastings Boys' High School

Newsletter May 2021, Volume 4


Kia Ora

One of the roles of a school is to turn out good citizens, good young men, and as we live in an increasingly digital world we must therefore be good digital citizens. I ask that all parents/whanau and students read and understand our Policy on Digital Citizenship and the rules and regulations around cell phones in schools.


Hastings Boys’ High School supports a Digital Citizenship model for the promotion of safe and responsible use of technology.

The board recognises that by fostering a culture of successful digital citizenship in our students, staff and our wider community we are encouraging everyone to take responsibility for themselves and others in their use of ICTs. This allows us to harness the potential that technology brings to the teaching and learning process, while minimising and learning to effectively respond to the challenges we may experience while using them in a learning context.

The board is aware that preparing our students to make effective use of Information CommunicationTechnology (ICTs) is an important part of their preparation for participation and contribution in society today and into the future.

It is our belief that we must prepare our students to actively participate in the world in which they live. It is clear that a key skill in this new world will be their ability to participate as effective digital citizens. An important part of learning these skills is being given the chance to experience the opportunities, and the challenges presented by technology in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, where clear, effective guidance can be sought as students and teachers learn.

The board recognises that its obligations under the National Administration Guidelines extend to use of the internet and related technologies.


Hastings Boys’ High School will develop and maintain procedures around the safe and responsible use of the internet and related technologies (ICTs). These internet safety procedures will recognise the value of the technology and encourage its use in a teaching and learning context while helping to minimise and manage the challenges that may be experienced by students, teachers and the wider school community.

The school will consult with parents and the wider school community, as to how it intends to use ICT and where possible explain how it benefits the teaching and learning process.

These procedures will aim to not only maintain a safer school environment, but also aim to address the need of students and other members of the school community to receive education about the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies.



Hastings Boys’ High School recognises that mobile phones are now an integral part of a student’s social connection and their sense of independence and identity.
The core business of the School is teaching and learning and this needs to be conducted in an environment free from unnecessary distractions or disruptions.
The school has therefore established a rule which prohibits the use of mobile phones and has established very clear protocols around the confiscation of mobile phones should a student breach those rules.

Procedures Cellphones

1. Cellphone use is not permitted during class time without the explicit permission from the classroom teacher. Communicating or displaying offensive or abusive text or images or any other offensive or abusive material is not permitted at any time using any form of information and communication technology.

~ Phones used for the purpose of recording staff and students without their permission or used for recording acts of violence or gross misconduct are subject to confiscation.

2. A cell phone is not to be visible during class time. A cellphone which is visible is deemed to be in use.

3. If confiscated by a staff member the item and the student name is to be passed directly to one of the Leadership Team.

4. The item is to be given to the Headmaster and returned to the student as prescribed.

~ First offence – the device will be returned after three school days including the day of confiscation or returned on Friday at 3:15pm of that week. In the case of public/school holidays, the last school day of the week.

~ Second offence – The device will be returned after seven days or on the last day of term where applicable. The confiscation period will include a weekend.

~ Third and subsequent offence by negotiation with parents but not less than 7 days.

5. Students who are suspected of communicating or displaying offensive and/or abusive material using the equipment on school grounds will be dealt with in accordance with the Ministry of Education Search and Seizure Guidelines. The matter will be dealt with by a member of the Leadership team.

6. Students are free to use their mobile phones at designated breaks.

Parents are reminded that in event of an urgent or immediate need to contact your son that you should first contact the School Reception

Mr R G Sturch, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg., M.Ed.Admin.(Hons).,

HB Youth Road Safety Expo

Year 11 students attended the Hawke’s Bay Youth Road Safety Expo which is a partnership between Road Safe Hawke's Bay, Police, Fire and Emergency NZ, St John Ambulance and other agencies to promote road safety.

The programme aims to educate young people about the consequences of their actions on the roads. They heard real-life accounts from people who had lived with the aftermath of drivers’ poor decisions on the road – ranging from drink-driving, texting when driving and bad driving.

It was both educational and interactive and students were given the chance to hear more about getting a drivers licence, first aid training and saw the Police’s new Mobile Road Safety Base which will hopefully deter people from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Big picture

BP Business Challenge

The BP Business Challenge taught us to use so many skills that we don’t use as much as we should. We had to collaborate with different people in our normal circle. Communication with our new business partners was paramout. We used different tools commonly used in business.

The Instructors Wayne and Matt were great. They were very picky with our ideas but it was only to help us create the best business idea possible. They made the three-day experience an awesome time and it was extremely enjoyable.

The first day of the course was the learning experience, understanding the concepts and how business operates. On this day we did a five-minute business proposal challenge where we were given a problem and we had to come up with an advertisement to show our solution. At the end of the day we were given the task of coming up with our business name and product. Many groups struggled with this task but the majority of the groups came out of the hall knowing that the next day we had a plan to implement.

The second day was time to knuckle down and get some good work done. We had our idea and it was all about getting five different parts to a successful business: leadership, finances, marketing, production and strategy. We all got our role that was handed out by our CEO and we got to work.

I was the CEO of my group so I was in charge of writing an enticing speech that would keep an audience entertained and engaged in our presentation. Once the rest of my group members had finished their work we submitted our assigned work and once it got ticked off we were all completed for the day.

The third day was presentation day. As a group we had to use all of our work from the day before to create a slideshow to present to five local business people. My group created a biodegradable face mask that included an air filter. The product was called Biomask and our business was called Mask-O-Matic. We created our slideshow and took turns showing our business proposal to the judges. After some deliberation by the judges they came back and announced us as winners of the Hastings Boys’ High School BP Business Challenge for 2021.

Brayden Reeve, 10BC

Orienteering News

Henry Massingham competed at the Hawke’s Bay School Championships Long course recently. He secured a convincing first place over 2 minutes ahead of second place.

MP Anna Lorck Visits HBHS

Anna Lorck and Sandra Hazlehurst visited the year 12 Business class to speak about causes of and solutions to the HB housing crisis.

Anna also visited the school canteen to see the Healthy Lunches Programme in Action.

The Big Sing

Congratulations to the following boys who attended the Big Sing last week. They were awarded the 'Spirit of the Big Sing Award for 2021'. Mathew Apineru, Colin Folau, William Folau, Desmond Iese, Kevin Karubea, Lotomau Lameko, Joseph Moleli, Punefu Peni, Andy Taofinu'U, Denim Tuala-Fata, James van den Berk, Drayson Wereta-Nuku.

Interschool Chess

On the 14th May some of our boys attended an inter school chess tournament at the Hasting’s Sports Park. The boys played 6 thirty minute games.

As well as training, the boys have been researching the origins of chess, the moves, and where it was played, discovering the name of Richard Selig Réti. Born in 1889 in the Czech Republic, he was a chess player, chess author and composer of endgame studies. Richard Reti was one of the principal proponents of hypermodernism in chess. (Hypermodernism is a school of chess that emerged after World War I). He was one of the top chess players in the world during the 1910s and 1920s and began his career as a combinative classical player, and set a world record for blindfold chess playing almost 30 games simultaneously.

The following boys attended the event: Roman Lauvao-Purotu 9Ry, Lincoln Mackie, Tauranga Poi Y10, Druce Poi Y11, Roman Lauvao_Purotu Y9, Matthew Hatterall Year 12, Riley Boford-Allen Y12, Arapeta Lewis Y10, Steven Tollet y10, Lincoln Mackie y9.

If you are a student reading this feel free to come along to our scheduled club days in D5 on Wednesday lunchtimes. The club looks forward to competing in at least one more tournament in 2021.

Dates to Remember

15 June Victoria Uni Info Evening
6-8pm Napier War Memorial
16 June Canterbury Uni Info Evening
19 June NZSS Cross Country Hawera
Rugby vs Napier BHS: Away
21 June Programme Incubator
24 June Super 8 Badminton (NP)

24-26 June Production Wizard of Oz
26 June B’Ball vs Gisborne: Home
Rugby vs Gisborne: Home
29 June House Quiz 1


Business Studies to Mr Apple

The year 13 MIB class attended the Mr Apple packhouse in Whakatu to learn about future-proofing strategies they use. We were introduced by Karen and Rachel who have had a big role in Mr Apple for 17 - 18 years. They welcomed us into a room as they presented a video about how Mr Apple runs their business. They also offered us some sweet Dazzle apples. As we enjoyed some fresh apples, they talked us through their PESTLE framework (political, environmental, social, technological, legal, and economic) to ensure the viability of the business in the long run. Examples of this include government relationships, a huge focus on water and their carbon footprint, making sure their reputation is on point, being innovative with technology and succession planning. The most surprising thing we had learnt was that they import 900,000 sterile moths from Vancouver every week to drop onto the Orchards. This results in the moth population diminishing. There are multiple methods to ensure the viability of the business but this is to ensure they achieve a quality product for great success in the long run.

We then got an inside look at the production process. We were completely amazed by the vast quantity of machines they have to ensure the quality of the Hawkes Bay apples. In the packhouse which was currently operating with 77 employees. Here we learnt about the advanced technology they have developed which pinpoints any defects on every apple. As well as the sanitary methods they keep in practice to be future proof for possible outbreaks. Mr Apple is more than just picking and packing apples, there's a lot of technology and attention to detail to ensure every apple is of high quality.

Aside from the PESTLE framework, Mr Apple insightfully looks at a vast range of aspects. Such aspects include cultural factors, ethical, biological, climate change and the hard-hitting COVID 19. All of the information they had provided was very valid for the upcoming internal we have. Overall, Mr Apple is a very innovative business with a variety of future-proofing methods to ensure they are the top-performing apple business in NZ.

Mukul Kumar 13Gb

Interhouse Cross Country

Touch Rugby - Star in the Making?

Congratulations to Jordi Viljoen who has been selected to trial for the New Zealand U20 Men's Trans Tasman Touch Team for 2022. This is a really big achievement as Jordi is still only 17 and will be the youngest in the U20 squad to trial.

Congratulations to the following boys who have been chosen for the HB U19 Volleyball Reps

Horticulture News

Students in the Horticulture class have been cultivating a vegetable garden and these photos show the progression from seedling to planting the seedlings into the vegetable garden.

The lettuces once grown were then taken to the school canteen and used as part of the Healthy Lunches in School Programme.

Old Boys - Fonoti-Fuimaono Brothers

Congratulations to three of our Old Boys—opera-singing brothers Emmanuel, Alfred and Jordan Fonoti-Fuimaono, who won the top prizes at last weekend's Dame Malvina Major Waikato Aria competition in Hamilton.

In joint first place were tenor Emmanuel Fonoti Fuimaono and baritone Alfred Fonoti-Fuimaono, with tenor Jordan Fonoti-Fuimaono in third place.MMF trustee Anna Pierard spoke with Upbeat about the young singers' success. The brothers have all taken part in Project Prima Volta.

Here they are pictured with Dame Malvina

Kawekas Tramps - PE

Early in Term2 the year 12 Physical Education classes made their annual pilgrimage to the Kaweka Forest Park for an overnight camp at Te Puia Lodge in early term two. After a two hour gruelling walk following the Mohaka River, the boys arrived at camp to set up. After this, they then tramped another 45 mintues to enjoy a well earned soak in the Mangainoka Hot Springs.

The academic focus for the trip was around safety and risk management and the boys were asked to devise and apply strategies to ensure they managed risks associated with people, the environment and equipment. We had a real focus on minimising our waste as we had to carry out every bit of rubbish we took in and the boys rose to this challenge well.

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2020 Junior A Basketball Team - Finalists Junior Team of the Year

We are very proud of our Junior A Basketball Team from last year who have been selected as finalists for the Junior Team of the Year Category to be held on Saturday 29th May at the Pettigrew Green arena . This award recognises outstanding performance by a team of two or more persons within the qualifying period.

HB Hikoi

The HB Hikoi came to Hastings Boys’ High School in the afternoon of Thursday May 13th. This was a visit by educators from various Universities and Tertiary education institutes, with a specific message for Māori students considering further study when leaving school. Thanks to Mrs Waite (Careers Advisor) for arranging this information session.

Te Mata Peak Planting and Garden Days

The school community (students, whānau and friends) are invited to join the Prefects in volunteering to assist at the Te Mata Park planting and garden days. There are numerous options to help out. Hastings Boys' will be attending the following dates:

Sunday 20th June – Te Kahika planting day Sunday 27th June– Rongoā garden

All sessions are from 9-12 noon. If you would like to join us please contact Sara at sara@tematapark.co.nz to register your attendance. We hope to see you there. View more information at: