Joan Miró



Joan Miro was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1893, and he died in 1983. He was married to Pilar Juncosa Iglesias who also died in 1983. He did art from the age of 7 ever since he started taking classes at a private school called Carrer del Regomir. He originally went to art and business school and had a job as a clerk, but he soon gave that up for art.

Art Movements

Joan Miro was involved in a few art movements, but he mostly stuck to surrealism. Other movements he practiced involved Dada, Personal, and experimental. Other types of art that he did were painting, sculpture,mural, and ceramics. He was influenced by various artists such as Andre Masson, Pablo Picasso, and others, he also influenced an artist named Arshile Gorky

Favorite Painting

This painting is called "Toledo", and it is probably one of my favorite paintings by him. I like the painting because it has lots of different shapes and colors. I also like it because it looks exactly like a real city, but with a cartoon effect, and all of the colors are exaggerated greatly. Overall it is a pretty simple painting, which is why I like it, because it looks real and fake at the same time.