Reform Movements

By : Titus Bose


Kansas played a central role in the Socialist movement in America.
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The major Socialist newspaper in the country, "The Appeal to Reason" was published in Kansas for many years.
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The Socialist party ran candidates in local, state and national elections .
Socialist wanted to see the wealth of the country distributed throughout all economic classes.

Interesting Facts

1. '' The rich often showed their wealth by throwing lavish parties. Once a women named Stuyvesant Fish was rumored to throw a party in honor of her dog . the dog came dressed in a 15,000 collar.

2. Clarina Nichols and other women gained property rights and the opportunity to vote in school district elections.

3. Susana Salter was elected mayor of Argonia in 1887. She was the first female mayor in the U.S.

4. "The Kansas Fool" which is a song of protest where farmers wanted a fair price for the crops to grow.