All About Flowers

By: Riley Cirmniello

Different types of flowers need different amounts of sun & water.

Some types of flowers need sun daily and water weekly. Like Hibiscus flowers. Some types of flowers need no water but need sun. Some flowers need the average amount of sun and water. Like roses they don't need extra sun or water. So, some flowers need extra sun or extra water and some need the average amount of both sun & water.

A flowers life can be a variety of months.

An annual flower can only live up to 12 months. Biennial flowers can live up to about 24 months. Perennials can live to about 36 or more months. Other kinds of flowers can live up to as many as 1,200 months.

Here is extra information about flowers.

There are 3 parts to a flower those parts are called the sepals, the stamen, the petals, and the pistil. There are 3 types of pollination wind pollination, cross pollination, and self pollination. Under the flowers petals there are pockets that hold nectar. So, there are many, many different things about flowers and these are only a few!

Flower petals have only 3 main ingredients.

1of the 3 main ingredients is protein. Another one of the 3 ingredients is cellulose. The last ingredient is organic matter. So, the three main ingredients are... organic matter, cellulose, and protein.

The stem of a flower has 3 main ingredients.

One of the ingredients in a flowers stem is fiber. Another ingredient in a flowers stem is chlorophyll ( clor-a-fil ). The last ingredient in a flowers stem is H20 ( H20 is the scientific name for water.) So, there are not many main ingredients in a flowers stem.

Some flowers are teensy tiny and some are huge.

The Rafflesia is the biggest flower ever found it stretches up to it is 3 - 4 feet wide and can weigh up to 15 pounds and sometimes more. The Wolffia is the smallest flower ever found it is smaller than one inch and definitely weighs less than one pound people even say it looks like cornmeal. So, some flowers are huge and some are teensy tiny.
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