Staff Newsletter: December 9, 2019


Our Vision of Learning

In full support of our district mission and vision, we at SCC High School are committed to...

Creating a learning experience built on creativity, choice, efficiency, and engagement, resulting in high-achieving and creative problem-solvers who take intellectual risks to discover the world around them and maximize their potential.


What does "students first" mean?

  • We stand in the gap between what is and what could be.
  • We find solutions - we don't blame kids.
  • We circle around them in support - always.
  • We freely give what they need.
  • We recognize their poor choices and guide them to make better choices.
  • We do things that are inconvenient for the adults because it's what's best for the students.
  • We try the next thing because we never let them run out of chances.
  • We provide physical, mental, and emotional safety - no matter what.
  • We model what we expect.
  • We love all of them.

If not us then who?

We Have the Power to...

  • SERVE others
  • show EMPATHY
  • LIFT others UP

Growth and Courage

growth means change and

change means risk, stepping

from the known to the unknown.

therefore, growth takes courage.

-Author Unknown

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This Week


Monday, December 9

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm - Wage and Benefit Committee

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm - School Board Meeting

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm - Choir Concert

Tuesday, December 10

7:30 am - 7:55 am - BLT Meeting

Wednesday, December 11

7:35 am - 7:55 am - Content PLC

Thursday, December 12

Another great day to be a Panther!

Friday, December 13

7:30 am - 7:55 am - PBIS Meeting

8:45 am - 10:30 am - HSLT Meeting

10:30 am - 1:00 pm - SOS (Madigan)

1:00 pm - 7:30 pm - Clouds Choir @ MOA (Jourdeans)

Just for Fun

Big picture

"ON PURPOSE" Podcast w/ Jay Shetty



Thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness, excellence, and selflessness.

Courtney Hawkins - Thanks for getting food together for the MS. #workhorse

Jerry Wold - Thanks for keeping my room warm!

Gretchen Rozeboom - Thanks for nursing our WELL plants back to health :)

Emily Timmers - Sharing more joy in the well!

A very thoughtful group of people who prefer not to be named. - Set up a scholarship in honor of my father, Don Soderberg. Unbelievable!!

Chris Deno - Helped clear the state reporting errors. Thanks, Deno for ALL of your help!

All Who Filled In - Special thanks to all who filled in for me on Thursday last minute! I appreciate it!

Chris Deno - She makes work so much better just by being so fun to talk with!

Chris Buckel - Thanks for answering all my questions day in and day out! It's been a huge help and I really appreciate it!!!

Jenna Scheithauer - Kindly introduced me to one of my students she was testing, which made for a great first impression :)

Travis Madigan - He swings by my office just to say hi from time to time which is so nice because it gets lonely back here!

Larry Weitgenant - Thank you for getting here at 4 a.m. to clear the snow on Monday morning!

Tracy Klein - You handled the delivery of the message about Kat to our students with grace and organization.

Jason Koele, Jenna Scheithauer, Tracy Klein, Steph Posta, and Travis Madigan - Did an amazing job of planning for a specific crisis scenario.

Courtney Hawkins - Organized a meal for our MS staff in honor of Kat

Kurt Soderberg & Steph Posta - Helping to organize a trip to deliver the food to the MS.

Dani Wollberg - Took time to write names nicely on awards for me cause my handwriting is horrible!

Wendy Hoverson - Took time to print out all my team awards during her already busy mornings.

Courtney Hawkins & Panther Catering - Making lunch for the middle school staff was an awesome gesture of kindness. Thank you!

Emily Timmers - Organized the new board in The Well. Great idea!

Sandy Weitgenant - Filling in for me when I have meetings and doing what is best and needed for students

Dani Wollberg and Cami Stansbury - For helping my mentee when I am unavailable!

Jen Staidl - Thank you for coming to IEP meetings at the middle school. It helps the parent with any questions/concerns they may have as their child transitions to high school!

Matt Langman, John Koehler, Justin Yaron, Courtney Hawkins, & Tracy Klein - Thank you for coming and participating in an IEP/Eval meeting

Gretchen Rozeboom and FFA Officers - Bought me an Owls cup to replace the one that was broken

Jordee Reimer - Did a photo edit that would take me all afternoon

Emily Timmers - Took in stray WIN groups to help them with the new grading information.

Sandy Weitgnant - Thank you for making a beautiful & thoughtful card for the middle school staff.

Ty Ketz - Making adjustments and keeping the hope alive for his girls basketball players. Great coaching.



Thanks, Dani for creating the doc.


Please refer to these guidelines prior to your absence. p.s. we'll miss you!


Check out the PBIS Incentives. You will be asked to cover this information with your HR students.