Janiyah Hill: Fashion Career Info

Have you ever wondered about Fashion and sewing

The Skills you need for Fashion Designing

The skills you need first is art. You need to know your colors and how to color and paint and also, designing skills. You need to know how to sew or your clothes would end up messing up and being torn.

Career Info

As of 2010, there were approximately 22,000 fashion designers employed in the US.

Most work for wholesalers and manufacturers. Other have jobs with retailers, design firms and theater and dance companies. Some designers are self-employed. When a fashion show is upcoming or a deadline is approaching, designers have to work long hours whether they have full or part-time job or are self-employed.

Since most jobs are found in big cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, expect to relocate if you live elsewhere. You should also anticipate racking up those frequent flyer miles. Travel is part of most fashion designers' jobs. You will have to attend trade and fashion shows, as well as visit the countries in which many factories that produce clothing and accessories are located.


It should be fun and talkitive

It should be educational and colorful

When working as a Fashion Designer, you have to direct and coordinate workers, examine sample garments on and off models.


It should be your creative mind to show what you know on your design.