We're are the real killers

By:Dillon Jarosz

Sea world

People think that sea world his a nice little fun park, where they can see all the magnificent creatures of the deep. Especially the killer whales, but they dont treat them the way they say they do. I want to tell you why its wrong to keep these beautiful creatures in captivity.

Statistics of a killer whales life at seaworld

Life expectancy for killer whales

The males average life expectancy in the wild is around 60-70 years. In captivity the males life expectancy is around 31 years. In the wild females can live around 80-90 years. In captivity females life expectancy is about 46 years. To you see a pattern? Killer whales are supposed to live longer while they're in the wild.

Death toll

There is at least one area death every year, so they have not gone a year without an orca death.

What they say

Sea world says that the orca habitats or well cared for and that they get restaurant style fish. That's just a lie. There habitats are way to small for them they have to swim hundreds of miles a day and they only get to swim a couple of feet.
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The wrap up

Now that you know the truth about sea world. Please think about this, and think to yourself "What can I do in order to help?"