Dental Hygienists

Madison DiGiorno

Job description

Dental hygienists work under supervision of licensed dentists. They aren't qualified to make the same kind of decisions or perform the same procedures as dentists do. But they do perform basic dental care tasks, mostly on keeping patients' teeth and gums clean.

Working Conditions

Dental Hygienist's working conditions are positive, and sterile work environment. They also have a well-lit office among professional and amicable colleagues.
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Training/Education Requirements

Associate's degree.
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Personal Characteristics

Good characteristics for a dental hygienist...

-patient and understanding



-Sturdy on his/her feet


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Earning & Job Outlook

-$32.81 per hour

-highest 10 percent earns more than $93,820

-$45,000 a year: a decent wage

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Education Spotlight

Good colleges for a dental hygenist degree...

-University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

-University of Southern California

- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

-University of Washington -Seattle Campus