Mrs. Collier's Kids ~ Feb. 1-11

Room 14

Staff: Mrs. Collier, Ms. Elisabeth Z, and Ms. Elizabeth A

Mrs. Collier’s voicemail: 851-6132

Hackmann Office: 851-6200

Themes: Feb 1-Feb 5: Transportation; Feb 8-19: All About Me: 5 Senses & Nutrition; Feb. 22-26: Dental Health

This will be an especially busy time for your child as they will be working one on one with teachers, in small group activities and in large group experiences to do third quarter assessments. Our lessons are then based on your child’s prior knowledge of what they already know, what they want to know, and what they need to learn.

Please sign up to volunteer in our classroom! The book is sitting on the cabinet as soon as you enter the classroom. We have lots of spots open for 3rd and 4th quarter. We ask that a family volunteers six times throughout the school year. Come and see all the learning and fun that takes place in preschool!

If your child is absent from school please call the office (851-6200), text Mrs. Collier or send an email. If your child rides a bus, please contact the bus garage as well. Thank you!

Some of the activities we will be doing over the next two weeks...

*Create a graph using pictures to show how to represent data (Math)

*Sorting vehicles on an “Air, Land, or Water” chart (Math)

*Experiment with water and discover what types of things float and sink (Science)

*Practice writing color words and vehicle words (Writing)

*Using shapes, create a train (Art & Math)

*Discuss things that grow and things that get smaller vs items that will never change in size (Math)

*”What Would You See on a Train?” Journal page (journal writing)

*Using our senses to participate in a taste test, a auditory test, and a smell test (Science)

*Using Mat Man to talk about the different parts of our body (Handwriting without Tears)

*Play a “5 Senses” game to identify our senses (Science)

*Using our sense of hearing to play “Listening Lotto” (Language)

*Practicing the letters “Rr” and “Kk” (Handwriting without Tears)

*Reviewing how to Be Kind and Responsible on the BUS (Positive Behavior Supports - PBS)

*Our nursery rhymes for the week are, “Little Jack Horner” and “Polly Put the Kettle” (Communication Arts)

Duckling Dates

Feb 1- Enrollment Night for FHSD families not currently enrolled: Hackmann 6-7:30

Feb 1-5 – Duckling Days: wear your Duckling Shirts!

Feb. 10 & 11 – Valentine Parties

Feb 12 – NO SCHOOL: Professional Development Day for Teachers

Feb 15 – NO SCHOOL: President’s Day

Feb 23 & 24 – PJ Day for Diabetes & Self-Control lessons from Ms. Beth, Educational Support Counselor

Join us for the first ever - Duckling Dance!

Who: Children ages 2-6, who live in the Hackmann area are welcomed to attend with their parents

What: $10 per family which will include pizza, soda, cookie, tattoos, and a glow stick for each child. Music is provided by DJ Derick Pratt

When: Friday, February 19th 6:00-8:00

Where: Hackmann EC

Also, try your luck at winning a raffle basket! Raffle Basket notes are going home this week. Registration forms were sent home in back-packs and are available at the front office.

Valentine's Day Note...

Our Valentine parties are scheduled for Wednesday, February 10th and Thursday, February 11th. Many children like to bring in Valentines to hand out to their friends. We ask that each child writes their own name on their Valentines to help with passing them out. Start early by asking your child to write their name on just a few valentines each night. Plan on making 12 valentines for each day. The children will be making valentine containers at school.

Raffle Baskets

Our first ever, Duckling Dance will be held February 19th at Hackmann. Each classroom will be creating a raffle basket to raffle off during the dance. Our classroom theme raffle basket will be, “Movie Night.” If you are able to contribute a donation to create our baskets, we would appreciate it. Any donation, big or small helps! We ask that donations be turned in by February 8th. A note is coming home this week with ideas for filling up the baskets. Thanks for your participation!

Books We Will Be Sharing...

“Things that Go”

“Freight Train” by: Donald Crews

“Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by: Mo Willems

“Airport” and “Planes” by: Bryon Barton

“My 5 Senses” by: Aliki

“Five for A Little One” by: Chris Raschka

“All About You” by: Patsy Jensen