Architectural Styles

mediterranean vs spanish style homes

Luke Simpson

Taha Qureshi



-High ceilings

-Use many keystones

-Surrounded by gardens

-Inside is very spacious

-Have balconies

-Symmetrical features

-Use coin treatment

-Low pitched roofs

Time period- became popular around 1918

Region- Mostly European countries



-Colored tiles

-Tower-like chimneys

-Iron work

-Wooden doors


-Less open room

-Wooden beams

-Stocco walls

Time period- 1800s

Region- Spain and its territories


-Walls are made of stone

-Usually a white/tan color

-Have courtyards

-They both use arches

Comparison Statement

The exterior of Spanish and Mediterranean style architecture is what makes them similar. The way they separate in fine details is what separates them from each other. The materials they use and whats on the inside truly differentiates them.