Honeyguide and Badgers

By. Kalyn, Katie, and Brooklyn

Who They Are?

The Honeyguide is known as an indicator bird aka a GPS to find honey.
The Badger is the helper for the Honeyguide, it helps get the hive down, and enjoys all the yummy honey inside.

Little Overview

Their Relationship

The relationship between them is mutualistic. The Honeyguide leads the badger to a beehive or bee colony, so that the badger can knock the hive down out of the tree and the badger and bird can eat all the grubs and beeswax from the hive.

What's in Return?

After the Honeyguide and the Badger get the honey, they both get to enjoy it after the jobs are done.

Why you need the organism?

The bird needs the badger for the honey. To get it down.