She'll go up against anyone/anywhere and she intends to WIN!

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Sara Underwood is competitive. Sara loves a challenge. In short, Sara wants to compete – in anything and EVERYTHING – and she wants to WIN.

Each week, Sara will travel the country and seek out every “winner take all” competition she can find – and as always, the crazier the better – it will be a “Sara Takes All” battle!

Sara travels the country to take on the most interesting challenges she can find. She’ll get to meet the unique people in each town who came up with these crazy events, partner up with a local and compete head on against the best they have to offer…and if she wins, “Sara Takes All!”


Sara Takes All


Anvil Shooting World Championship

Sara brings her competitive edge to the strangest competition this side of the space program!

Each April a bunch of back-yard, “rocket scientist wannabes” gather in Laurel, Mississippi to probe the intricacies involved in launching a hundred pound anvil into the stratosphere.

Yes, they try to launch an anvil into space!

Sara steps into the world of competitive Anvil shooting, meeting fellow contestants and learning what it takes to send a 300-lb hunk of formed metal into the air – and how far into space it can go!

The “Art Car” Parade

Sara grabs a clunker, a can of paint and all of her artistic ability – and heads to Houston to get her paint on!

Part of Houston’s International Festival, the “Art Car” Parade is the nation's oldest and largest Art Car gathering. Celebrity judges give out awards such as: Best Contraption (chariots, couches, lawnmowers, wheelchairs), Best Lowrider, Best Political Statement and many others.

Sara will pick a category, grab a local partner, and get to painting – and showcase her effort in the town “Art Car” Parade!

Big Mountain Furniture Race!

Sara shows up with an armoire - and a desire to compete!

Leave it to a small, laid back bunch of snow-blind stoners to put a couch on a pair of old Rossis and ride it down the hill. Those high-altitude antics is now America's most original off-the-wall event.

Every April, the Whitefish ski resort celebrates the end of ski season with a blowout that involves turning recliners, armoires, toilets, baby cribs, trash cans and even coffins into downhill racers – by attaching them to skis or snowboards.

The rules? Every contestant gets one run, must wear a helmet and must have a break on their craft that functions properly. Judges award points for appearance, speed and accuracy. At the end of the run is a target, and contestants are scored by how close they can stop without touching it.

We’ll see who Sara meets on the slopes, what piece of furniture Sara turns into a sled, and how close she can get to her target to “take all!”

And that’s just for starters! Look at the competitions that Sara has lined up:

The Summer Redneck Games-July 10, Dublin Georgia

Sara was raised on a ranch, so don’t worry, she’s redneck enough to compete! This year, they’ll feature a mud-pit belly flop contest, armpit serenade, a watermelon seed-spitting contest, and Redneck Horseshoes!

Barnsville Potato Days–August 27-28, Barnsville, MN

Sara also loves to eat, and nothing’s better than a big plate of mashed potatoes! This potato celebration in Minnesota attracts 16,000 potato lovers for 40 events, including mashed potato wrestling, and mashed potato sculpturing.

Sara’s getting in the ring to wrestle in potatoes, and going all in to carve a mashed potato Picasso!

The Wayne Chicken Show–July 9-11, Wayne, Nebraska

This three-day event includes the world’s largest chicken dance, best chicken legs competition, and a chicken impersonation contest.

Sara puts her chicken legs up to the challenge – and of course, she’s put her chicken call to the test as well!

Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw – September 3-4, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

Dried dung takes on an altogether different use at this annual event, attended by some 40,000 people. The current record of 248 feet is the mark to beat – so just how far can Sara fling a cow chip?

She will get a local expert to teach her the key to flinging a successful cow pie!

World Championship Cardboard Boat Races – July 31, Heber Springs, Arkansas

Some 4,000 spectators gather to cheer on the competing corrugated cardboard craft. Awards include the Pride of Fleet trophy and the Titanic Award!

Sara will join a team of dedicated cardboard boat builders and hit the water in style!

24 hours of “LeMons”!

It’s the greatest race ever – as long as your car isn’t worth more than $500! That’s right – it’s not “LeMans”, It’s LeMons!

More than a dozen times a year, all across America, these LeMonds drivers grab a clunker and get to bashing! Sara will do the same!

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival – June 26 – 28, Clute, Texas
Presided over by festival mascot Willie-Man-Chew – the world’s largest mosquito, standing at 26 feet tall – 13,000 thick-skinned contestants can vie to summon a bevy of bugs in the mosquito calling competition, or simply strut their stuff in a mosquito legs contest.

Sara sets out to learn to “mosquito call”, and greases up her “mosquito legs” !

National Hollerin’ Contest – June 16, Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina
In honor of keeping the “almost-lost-art” of hollering alive, this sonorous soiree draws crowds in the thousands to Spivey’s Corner, some 50 miles south of Raleigh. The men’s Hollerin’ Contest is the main act, but willful women also compete for bragging rights and a dazzling trophy in the Ladies’ Callin’ events. Attendees can also catch the conch shell blowing contest.

Slugburger Festival – July 12 – 14, Corinth, Mississippi
Now in its 25th year, the annual Slugburger Festival pays tribute to Corinth’s local culinary delight. A “Slugburger” is a deep-fried patty made of beef and soy meal, and fans of the unique sliders will be in their element at this three-day celebration in northeast Mississippi. The festivities include the inaugural World Slugburger Eating Championship, in addition to a Slug Idol talent contest.

Sara puts on her “Slugburger” performing shoes and takes the stage!

World Chicken Festival – London, Kentucky, September 27 – 30
Home to the very first restaurant established by Kentucky Fried Chicken founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, Laurel County throws this annual eggs-travaganza in celebration of its fine feathered heritage. The poultry party features a hot wing eating contest, a clucking competition, and the event’s famous “Chicken Scratch”, in which children dig through 600 pounds of flour in search of cash.

Sara attempts to feed 150,000 attendees using the world’s largest stainless steel skillet. With a diameter of 10 feet, six inches, the pan can cook 600 chicken quarters at one time.

Sara cooks, clucks and scratches her way to victory!

Hope Watermelon Festival – August 9 – 11, Hope, Arkansas Hope’s annual Watermelon Festival draws crowds of 50,000 to the southwest corner of Arkansas. Juicy shenanigans include a seed-spitting contest and a watermelon eating competition, which sees competitors vie to devour an eighth of a melon, down to the rind – seeds and all. Awe-inspiring watermelons will also be on display, with some supersize specimens tipping the scales at close to 200 pounds.

Cheese Rolling Coopers Hill, England

Sara grabs a wheel of cheese and her passport, and heads to England to see if you good old American cheddar can roll with the big boys!

This is as crazy as it gets: a bunch of wild Brits rolling uncontrollably down a ridiculously steep hill, following a 7 pound chunk of cheese.

Sara takes on the outrageous world of Cheese Rolling!