Greek Code of Conduct

Molly Egan and Mona Parisi

Rule #1: Citizens MUST Abide by the Law's of the Gods

DO: Listen to the Gods. "lifting our hands up to Zeus, powerless"

DON'T: Ignore their commands and wishes: "...angers the sun God... Zeus sends down a thunderbolt to sink Odysseus' ship"

Rule #2: Citizens MUST be intellectually and physically fit.

DO: Be able to outsmart your opponent. Odysseus is shown in a clever light in book 9, when he tells the Cyclops his name is "Nohbdy", so when the Cyclops calls for help he claims no body is hurting him.

DON'T: let arrogance blind your judgement. After saving his crew however, Odysseus yells out, "tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye..."(911).

Rule #3: Citizens MUST stay loyal to their people

DO: always protect your men. Although Odysseus knew how dangerous Circe was in book 10, he still went straight to her, and saved his men.

DON'T: put your men in danger. Odysseus took a different route and allowed the Scylla to take men from his ship and eat them alive.

Rule #4 : ALWAYS welcome strangers peacefully to your land.

DO: offer your guests food and shelter. "Odysseus won;t bed down on a ships' deck, not while I'm alive or my sons are left at home to host our guests" (43).

DON'T: endanger guests. The Cyclops is seen as the epitome of a barbarian when he eats two of Odysseus' men when they were his "guests"

Rule #5: Citizens MUST always protect good against evil

DO: Trust the Gods will help to fight for the good. "...the gods have paid you back".

DON'T; Make an Evil decision without reasoning. Polyphemus wanted to curse Odysseus, however him eating two of his men is what led to his blinding.

Rule #6: Citizens MUST always defend their homes and families.

DO: fight for your home. Odysseus and Telemachus fought and killed all the suitors in Book 22 in order to gain back their family and house.

DON'T: let someone danger your family. Telemachus could not defend his household or his mother in the absence of his father.