Monday FUNDAY News!

Shining Diamonds

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New Month!

What a March! We had 71 QUALIFIED Stylists, 17 gave themselves a raise and 2 stellar sellers! Amazing!!!! As we head into April, we have so much excitement ahead of us. The new SUMMER line is incredible, STYLIST SPONSORING special and the second biggest month of the year!

This is a time to reflect on YOUR goal! What do YOU want to accomplish this month or the next 90 days? My goal for our team is to all go after our dreams! I personally want blow up my month with sales and sponsoring! It is the one time of the year I add a few extra shows to my calendar. I would love to pay for my family vacation to FLORIDA in July with my earnings! So my motivation is right in front of me with a picture of my FAM!

Stef xo

Top in Sales for March!

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Congrats to all who sold $500 or more!!!

Jennifer Francis

Kimberly Monte

Anastasia Henderson

Kristen Derstine

Melanie Siliato

Bridget Evans

Cheryl Granito

Kelly Smith

Candace Cook

Katherine Sibbaluca

Ashley Janis

Kerri Hubbard

Heather Babcock

Kaylia Austin

ashley dejong

Julie Hecht

Courtney Sward

Cherish Mitchell

Elizabeth Rosenfeld

Holly Herbener

Kim Patrell

heather reynolds

Rebecca Dissinger

Jennifer Bennett

Shannon McCaughey

Taryn Stabler

Cindy Croley

Kim Barbagallo

Krista Frick

Meghan Scott

Sophia Cipriano

Laura Kent

Sapna Joshi

Lori Favoroso

Kristin Pavone

Lisa Carrozzi

Megan Wittmann

Stephanie Johnson

Ellen Stahli

Amy Taimanglo

Barbara Koepfler

Flora Nielsen

Virginia Acosta

Kim Macomber

Denise McCarthy

Elizabeth Stonaker

Kathy Franchi

Natalie Barlick-Reed

Heather Counihan

Audrea Davis

Kristin Pagano

Megan Calamaro

Yadira Huerta

Heather Mitchell

Andra Adamson

Kati Ayres

Daniela Mosquera

Casey Quinn

Lindsay DeFruscio

Sandra Merriman

Alexis Washnock

Top in Sponsoring and Qualifying your New Stylists!

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Top number of shows held in March!

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Look Who Promoted!!!!

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Join us tonight for our GLOBAL MEET STELLA AND DOT!! ONLINE!

Invite your potentials to this link!

NEW!!! Q2 Meet Ups! Panara in EXTON on Mondays!

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Starting next Monday, April 11th, I will be at Panara Bread in Exton, PA from 10-11am to coach anyone that wants to swing by!

Monday, April 11th

Monday, April 18th

Monday, April 25th

Grab a coffee and chat with me!

***All Coaching calls will be switched up in Q2. Contact me to schedule yours for this quarter!


It's time for our HOOPLA INCENTIVE! We are switching it up this year - it's time to CELEBRATE at the CABANA! Cannot wait to have a spot for us ALL to mix and mingle with our leaders!

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Hoopla INCENTIVE is LIVE! Starts NOW!

Couture at the Cabana!

Your Couture at the Cabana Hoopla Tracker!

Earn some fabulous Tory Burch Flip Flops to pack with you to Hoopla !

Hold 10 qualified in home trunk shows between 4/1 – 6/30 & a pair of Tory Burch Flip Flops are yours to show off at our cabana by the pool!

***Trunk Shows must qualify with 4 orders and $500 in sales and all shows MUST TOTAL $8000 cumulative in sales.

Start tracking your success!!!

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