specialties of working with a canine


A K9 officer’s duties is that of a general police officer, save that they are carried out with a police dog. Police dogs may accompany their partners on traffic stops or when responding to assistance calls or emergencies


The first step to becoming a K9 officer is to become a police officer. This involves a fairly intensive screening process, followed by successful completion of a police academy program. Once this is complete, police officers interested in being a K9 police officer must go through a probationary period that can last anywhere from three months to three years. This is when an officer establishes a good rapport with officers and demonstrates an interest in the K9 Unit in the department.

Types of breeds

Police academy and K-9 training

Aplication and police texting dates

http://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/police/profstanddiv/Pages/app-testing-dates.aspxThis website tells you how to apply and when the dates for testing are.

Canine Training

http://www.tarheelcanine.com/police-k9-training/Tarheel Canine instruction is well known and respected. They believe in the small and personal instruction rather than a large production line.