What's up with Reading...

Mrs. Merkel's awesome Readers! October 15, 2015

Spelling News

As we want to spend as much time as possible on building our reading skills, Our spelling is focused on phonics patterns that will help us as readers beginning to decode longer words. It is essential that we can break a word into its smaller parts, looking at various syllable patterns.

So we began our spelling reviewing the similarities between CVC and CVCe words. And our first list looked like this:

hop ------> hope at ------> ate

not ------> note pet ------> Pete

bit -------> bite cop ------> cope

kit -------> kite

In List # 2, (Test on Monday 10/19 because no school Friday) we looked at another way to transform short vowels into long vowel sounds. We had to add another vowel again, but this time forming a "vowel team".

got -------> goat

cot -------> coat

set -------> seat

bat -------> bait

Then we added a couple homophones - words that sound the same, but are spelled differently. It's important to know how the meaning of the words are changed when the spelling changes!

met ------> meat (like a hot dog)

-------------> meet (as in, "Pleased to meet you!")

bet -------> beat (you beat a drum)

-------------> beet (a beautiful and delicious root vegetable!)


We are using Raz-Kids again this year. I am having the students Listen to the story the first time while trying to read along out loud with the recording. The second read is also out loud, but without the recording. If at that point they feel "Ready" to take the quiz, they may, or they may choose to read along again, or read independently again. I ask that they only take the quiz ONE TIME, If they get at least 6/10 or 3/5 correct. If they miss more than that, They MUST re- read the story before they take the quiz again. At this point I am asking that they stop at two attempts. I will monitor their quizzes and look at the skill areas they are missing. You are able to do this too! You can also send your child messages of encouragement and award them bonus points.

Class Dojo Challenge

Class Dojo is another way you can monitor your child's in class progress. They are awarded points for completing tasks and participating. They receive 5 points each time they finish a “just Right Book”. But – Points can also be lost for being off task, not being prepared or arriving late to class. Our time is precious, so they are asked to get a drink, go to the bathroom, etc. BEFORE they arrive, or they lose a point for wasting reading time. Sending a water bottle is not a bad idea. Of course, there are times when we must take necessary breaks, tummy aches, coughs that require a drink from the fountain... But we're trying to build our reading stamina and EARN points which we will convert to reading dollars to buy items from my Class Store!