Ashley Anderson

All about Rubidium

My element is rubidium. My element's name is actually rubidium. It's chemical symbol is Rb. Also, it's atomic number is 37. It's atomic mass is 85.468. The number of isotopes in Rubidium is 11. Rubidium is a metal. It's chemical state is a solid. It's period number is 5. Also, it's group/family number is 1. It's group/family name is the rubidium family. The similar elements in it's group/family is Lithium, sodium, potassium, cesium, francium. The uses that Rubidium has is a catalyst, and photocells. It's color is silver/white. It doesnt have an odor. And it's reactivity is water.It's boiling point is 688.0 C and it's melting point is 38.89C. Also, it has no radioactivity. It's cost is $25 per gram. It's discoverer is R. Bunsen. And lastly, it's origin name is rubidus.


Chemists classify an element as a metal based on it's properties. Many of the physical properties of metals include shininess, malleability, ductility, and conductivity. Sodium(Na) is very reactive.
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Rubidium and water

Rubidium with water