Overview of countries in Europe

By: Connie Hu P1

Greece and Italy

In Italy, the remains of the ruined Colosseum stand as a remainder of the powerful empire of Rome from the past. While the leaning tower of Pisa indicates more modernized times. The Greek's famous Parthenon reflect on the old city-town of Athens. Both countries have diverse cultures. Italy even formed its own language while developing. In Greece the old language of Greek has survived to this day. Greece and Italy might have some similarities but even then they are still very different.

United Kingdom and France

While both are great powerful countries they have their share of differences. In the UK, they speak English meanwhile in France it's the language of love. In Great Britian culture spreads from the Buckingham Palace to the ancient Stonehenge. Meanwhile in France, the Eiffel Tower is a important landmark, the signature building of Paris. The Louvre in France contains priceless paintings that have centuries worth of history.The 2 countries may have cultural differences but they are both worth visiting.

More countries with unique cultures.


We can only come to the conclusion that Europe's 40 or so countries have such different cultures. Some of the older countries have been around for centuries and have surpassed many wars, revolutions, disasters, achievements, rising and falling of empires and other such events. All the European countries have complicated and long histories and individual cultures that when combined make Europe the most exciting and cultural places on Earth.

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