SB: Elements of Art

Visual Reference Guide for Elements of Art

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Sketchbook Assignment:

As your first Sketchbook Assignment for this year you will be creating a visual reference guide for the Elements of Art. You will have 2 classes to complete this. Anything not finished in class is independent work.



  • Learn about the Elements of Art
  • Create a visual reference guide to help me remember the Elements of Art
  • Use my creativity to represent each of the Elements in my sketchbook

The 7 Elements of Art


Below is a list of The Elements of Art. Thee are the basic building blocks used to create art and we will be using all of these on projects throughout the year. It is important you become familiar and comfortable with the terms and concepts.
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In your sketchbook divide 4 pages in half (doesn’t matter how you divide it in half), on the first half create a title page for the elements of art with their definitions, think about it like a book cover (make it look good!) If you want to use full pages you can, but half pages are fine.

For the next 7 halves you will fill the page with a different visual representation of each of the element of arts. You may (and should) use more than one kind of medium (art material) to illustrate your knowledge of each element. You must creatively including the name of the element somewhere on the page. You may use magazine images, drawing, painting or other materials to fill the page and explore every possible use of that element!You can write notes about different concepts to explore within that element, draw examples of famous works of art that use that element and so on. Really show what you know.

Consider how you lead our eyes around the page and all you know about composition. Don’t just fill the page with random lines or shapes.

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Must Haves:

  • You filled each half of a page with a visual definition of an element of art, along with a introduction page that lists the elements of art and their written definitions

  • You creatively incorporate the name of the element in each half-page
  • You creatively explore different possibilities for the element of art and represent each element correctly
  • Each page is thoughtfully considered & complete with attention to craftsmanship


We will be sharing these in class when this project is complete and grades will be taken in class on critique day.