Stop Cyberbullying


What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is done be way of technology. You can send the person that is being bullied mean and inappropriate messages. Rumors can start about that person and begin to put that person in deep depression. Just being mean in general on any type of technology is cyberbulling.

Examples of Cyberbulling

Examples of cyberbullying are sending people mean text messages or emails, rumors starting about that person by email and posting embarrassing pictures of the person.

Three differences between cyberbulling and bullying

  1. Cyberbullying is used with technology.
  2. Bullying can be done physically.
  3. They can be hurt be different emotions.

Effects of cyberbullying

Use of alcohol and Drugs, skipping school, poor grades.

Prevention and Awareness

Tell your parents or adult around you.

Stand up to the bully that's causeing you all that pain.Let your friends help you threw your problems.

Establishing Rules

Let your parents be able to enter your account on the computer.

Block sites that my be inappropriate for them.

Reporting a cyberbully

Let your Parents know whats going on so they can help what the problem.

Find out who the person doing the bullying is.

Let your friends know so they can help with whats going on that your parents don't know.