Holly's Oily Update

Happy New Year - January, 2016

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Let's Make This Easy!

Let's Make this Easy!!!

Every month I include recipes I've made, and sometimes they may seem complex (even though I assure you, if I can make them, you can make them). I decided this month to share super simple ideas for your oils!!

So here is the 1st SUPER EASY thing you can do. My hair has never been longer, stronger or more healthy! Here's 3 easy steps for making your hair thicker, stronger, and shinier (now if only I could come up with a way to cover my grey's). After years of battling dry hair (I have natural curl which is always lacking moisture) and losing huge amounts of hair in the shower (my husband's nickname for me is Chewbacca due to the sheer mass of hair that leaves my head), I am now super happy with my hair (and keeping much more of it).

Step One: I added 1 drop of Cedarwood essential oil per ounce of shampoo straight to the bottle and mixed it with the pump -- my shampoo comes in a 32 ounce bottle, so 32 drops of Cedarwood.

Step Two: I added 1 drop of Rosemary oil per ounce (same as instructions above). Bonus Rosemary is also a natural lice deterrent (I have two children in daycare and school and using the Rosemary has helped us avoid any cases so far). Helps with dandruff too!

Step 3: I did the same thing with lavender in my conditioner.

The result is this...longer, stronger hair with virtually no loss in the shower!

Cedarwood is also a great sleep/calming oil, so you will find it useful for more than just hair growth. You can order a 15 ml bottle for $11.25 (that is 285-300 drops!) , Rosemary is $15.50 for a 15 ml bottle is (or you can get it for free as part of the promo's this month -please see bottom of the newsletter). Rosemary is also great for mental clarity, respiratory issues, sinusitis, and nervous systems support. Lavender is a premium starter kit oil, so many of you already have it. If you need to re-order Lavender it is $23.50 for a 15 ML bottle (a 5 ML bottle came with your kit, so you are getting 3X the original bottle size).

Picture of my hair below after using this combo for a few weeks.

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New Year's Resolutions

I have been bad -- really bad in the past month. It seems like everyday we have had a party, a special dinner out with friends, a casual gathering at someone's house or something else that involved eating more than I normally would, drinking, and desserts! And then of course there are left overs. It's gotta stop! My New Year's resolution is to take better care of myself! I will do this by eating better, working out more and incorporating my Young Living products for a healthier me in 2016!

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Life 5 Probiotic

I added this product to my order last month and I really like it. I will definitely continue to use it. A probiotic is good for maintaining overall health and immunity, it aids in the digestion of food, and "plumbing" maintenance. I have looked at several probiotics at my local heath food store, and have found Life 5 to be the best product and value. Life 5 contains 10 billion active cultures and improves colonization up to 10 times. A bottle with 30 capsules (1 capsule/day) is $26.75.
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Drink more water!

Have you ever tried to drink the amount of water you are supposed to in a day? It is like a full time job! In 2016, I plan to up my water intake (and decrease my coffee intake). Adding a drop of a citrus oil to my water gives it a nice light flavor, and helps me drink more water daily.

Drinking water: helps in weight loss, improves skin, fights infections, eliminates toxins, is good for your heart, minimizes joint and arthritis pain, boosts energy, prevents constipation, reduces risk of cancer, increases productivity.

1st off -- get yourself a glass or stainless steel water bottle. You don't want to add citrus oils to plastic because it will deteriorate the plastic over time, and you do not want to consume that.

Here are some great oils to add to your water:

1. Grapefruit ($16.75/15 ML) -- it is a metabolism booster and also give you energy! (I don't like the fruit, but I like the oil...weird, I know).

2. Lemon ($11.25/15 ML)- helps to detox your body and flush out toxins
3. Jade Lemon ($10.75/5 ML)- similar to lemon, only has a sweeter taste.

Put those Stater Kit Oils to Work! Try this 10 day challenge.

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Holly Nelson

I hope 2016 finds your family happy and healthy! I am always here to answer any oily questions you may have and I welcome them! I want to help you use your oils, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I love teaching others about the oils and offering suggestions for what may help. I bring the class to your home and will provide education and some fun oil infused treats. I find that we spend most of the time laughing and just enjoying time together learning about the oils. I'm booking my calendar now so please reach out if you'd like to schedule a class or casual get together it can be a small or large group.

For those of you that already have oils, I think the best way to understand how easy it is to make things with your oils is to see it done! I have told many of you that I was intimidated by making chapsticks and let the materials sit there for months before I actually did it. Now that I know how easy they are to make, I do it all the time! I would be happy to organize a "make and take" for your family/friends so you can see how to make some stuff! It is fun, and I will provide all the materials you will need (I only charge the cost of materials). We can make things like: chapstick, foaming hand soap, hand sanitizer, sugar scrubs, room or sheet sprays, etc. You can help me choose the projects. It is so much fun!

I always appreciate you sharing the oily love! If you refer someone to me I promise to offer them great service and support through using the oils. I also offer a referral bonus or oil credit if that person orders a Premium Starter Kit.

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