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Friday, October 8th, 2021

Message From The Principal

Hello Rancho families!

"The honeymoon is over."

I heard this from a teacher this week talking about how students are feeling about school. Our staff has worked hard to build connections with our students. Teachers have shared their personal stories while listening to students. As important as building relationships is, there is curriculum to be mastered.

Teachers have gradually raised the bar of expectations. Student are being held accountable for their academic progress. Many students are doing great work and finding academic success, while others are still working to find their groove. It is never too late to get started, turn things around and find success.

Think different. Be different.

Tim Dignan

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Ms. Gina --RVHS Social Worker

We know teen years can be difficult to navigate. Many of our teens struggle in their transition to adulthood and our goal is to assist in this transition. Ms. Gina, the Licensed Clinical Social Worker is here to meet the social emotional needs of our students through workshops, individual and group support. We also work in conjunction with Hill Drug & Alcohol Treatment to provide education and support related to substance abuse.

You can reach Ms. Gina at the following:


Office 951-695-7320 ext. 237

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***If you have lost an item please go to the front desk and see Ms. Lisa. Our lost and found has many items that we would like to get back to their rightful owner.
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Congratulations Bean for being Rancho Vista's Student of The Month. Bean was nominated for their academic achievement as well as what they bring to the RVHS community as a person. Bean is friendly, caring, kind, courageous, and a great role model. We are happy you represented RVHS so well. After high school Bean plans on going to cosmetology school and get their esthetics license and then move to LA and be an esthetician. Bean has a 3.73 GPA and has grown stronger and happier since coming to Rancho. Thank you Bean you are appreciated.

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Attendance Matters!

  • Report Your Student's Absence To:


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Students Of The Week

Omarion Ferguson- Omarion is not an 'A" student, but he is Passing all classes with B's and C's. He is very helpful with getting his friends on task in class and always willing to help them when they are struggling. He has a pleasant demeanor that adds positivity to the classroom.

Josh Pearson- Josh comes to class every day and works hard in PE. He has a good attitude, never complains, and is respectful to both myself and his classmates. He is maintaining an A in PE, as well as having all A's and B's in his classes. I appreciate his efforts and am happy to have him in class!

Rene Cortez- I think Rene would be shocked as would most people by my nomination, but he has recently completed a course in credit recovery, which is a very big accomplishment for that class. He also has exceptional attendance for that class as well as the art class I have him in. He has turned in all his assignments and has an A in art as well. he seems to be very motivated and diligent. I am proud of him for getting things done and moving forward by doing the work and being responsible.

Luke Tyndale- Luke works hard in PE and has a great attitude. He is always our Fitness Walk leader and keeps a great pace! I appreciate his efforts and quiet, respectful nature. Keep up the great work Luke!

Christena Simmons- Christena deserves to be student of the week for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, she is a positive influence on campus. She is always very polite, quick to smile and has an overall positive attitude towards life. Along with these qualities she is doing very well in my class. She completes her work in a timely manner and really tries to put effort into her assignments. She is also willing to make corrections based on feedback, which further improves the quality of the work she submits. Christena is an excellent choice for student of the week!

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Teacher and Staff Shout Outs!!!

Mrs. Kniffin -Mrs. Lauren has been very supportive and keeps me informed on everything my child is doing. She quickly responds to all my questions at all hours of the day. I appreciate everything she has done and continues to do. Thank you!

Mr. Gonzalez - Is an AMAZING teacher!!!

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Kiromi Ward --- 10/13

James Santibanez ---10/14

Dylan Forbis ---10/15

Mr. Razukas ---10/15

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  • Please make sure your student is bringing a mask to wear at school.

  • Report an exposure or test result here

  • Keep your student at home if you are waiting on test results.

  • Students who are ill will be evaluated in the Transition Room

  • Frequent handwashing and use of sanitizer is strongly encouraged throughout the day.

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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistant Principal Tim Mann