Foot and Mouth Disease

By: Madalyn Jose

What is Foot and Mouth Disease?

Foot and mouth disease is an infectious disease affecting cloven hoofed animals.

It is a concern because its highly contagious and it ultimately affects 100% of animals it comes in contact with. If the disease spreads through out a country the economic impact could be catastrophic.

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How Do I Prevent This?

Although Foot and Mouth Disease hasn't been found in the united states since 1929 you should become aware of the signs and symptoms of this disease and what spreads it. You should limit all contact with visitors and quarantine all new animals for a period of time thats established by your herd veterinarian.

Can It Be Treated?

No, but it will eventually go away on its own. You can get Vaccinations but it won't necessarily stop them from being infected. Most countries kill the animals infected so the can regain FMD-free status they kill the animals.

Facts About FMD

  • Older animals have a better chance of surviving FMD.
  • There are seven strains of FMD and all need to be vaccinated separately to provide protection.
  • FMD is not transmitted to humans.
  • Signs are more severe in cattle.