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Let go, try something new and your students will amaze you!

Ever heard of Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is the use of web based applications which involve participation and interaction in the creation of content. Two-way web: students are contributors and collaborators.

Taking the First Step - Give Students the Chance to Create!

Allow students an opportunity to express what they are learning in class. This allows them to demonstrate the outcome of their learning through a means other than a test or typical homework.
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Take the stress out of creativity! SMORE to the rescue!!!

Smore is an easy online tool used for digital publishing. Smore could be used by students as a presentation tool or could be used to make a "poster" to demonstrate their understanding of a concept taught in class.
Student created posters have always been a popular and effective means of demonstrating knowledge of particular topic. Traditional posters are limited in space and can be frustrating for some students who may lack creativity.

Smore is also a great resource for TEACHERS!

Instead of using PowerPoint or other boring presentations tools, use Smore to help convey information in class. Smore could also be used a as "website" for curriculum topics or as an alternative to traditional lecturing because it is INTERACTIVE! Students could interact with material (websites, videos, images) while learning!

Smore is FREE!

Smore is marketed as a visual flyer or newsletter creator, but there are so many possibilities for its use in the classroom or in a school. (clubs, Guidance, Library, etc.)

Easy step by step directions for using SMORE

Try Smore with your students by March 4th and your name will be entered into a drawing for an Office Depot gift card.

Friday, March 4th, 2:30pm

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