MAY 13, 2016

Money, money, money money, MONEY!!!!!!!

The best way to practice counting money is hands on with life-like coins and games! The children are doing a great job. Next week will begin adding quarters to the mix. This will be a real challenge. Continue to practice at home. And there is always time for time review!

Indoor Recess, AGAIN!!!


Our first station was learning about the colors and breeds of different horses. We met Trinket, and Hailey, and Beanie! We also reviewed the grooming brushes and techniques. Most of our first graders remembered how to groom the horses!
Our second station was Art and Camp Songs (no hayride since it was raining!). This was a blast!!!
Our last rotation was a riding technique station. We saw different gaits of a horse, as well as a trot, canter and a gallop! We also got to watch the rider jump over a cross jump and a vertical jump! Plus, we got to say good-bye to Mokie!
Lunch is always the BEST part of any field trip! AND we got to meet Wilson!!!

Kid's Quote of the Week!

"Who is Wilson?"