Mercury Intro

Mercury got its name by a Greek name named, Hydrargyrum which means liquid silver. The family is group 12 and its a transition medal and the period number is 6.

General Info

The element symbol is Hg, the atomic number is 80, and mercury weights 201. There are 80 protons, 80 electrons, 80 valence electrons, and there is 86 isotopes

Physical Properties

The melting and boiling point of mercury is, -118.894 F and 674.114 F. Also, mercury is normally in its liquid state at room temperature.


Mercury is typically found in cinnabar ore and humans use it for thermometers, barometers, fluorescent lamps, batteries. Mercury is normally found in a solid substance.

More Facts

Mercury is very bad for humans meaning that it can harm the brain, heart, and other organs. Also mercury doesn't react to most of the other elements.