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Week 13 Recap

Well, I am hearing that all our CC students, tutors and parents are glad to be back at CC!! It was so fun observing all the happenings at community. Our Great Artist for week 13 was Giotto and the students had an opportunity to make and paint with egg tempura, which was popular during Giotto's time. Our science experiments included a demonstration of how our seasons change due to the earth's tilt and how rocks can be split when water flows into cracks in the rocks and then freezes. The students seemed to get right back into the swing of CC with their Memory Work, Review, Presentations and the Art and Science activities.

Valentine Exchange

We will be having a Valentine Exchange this week. This is for those students who want to participate. It is not required. If your child would like to participate, please bring a decorated box or bag labeled with your child's name. Your child may place his/her box or bag on the row of pews in the hallway so others may place valentines inside. At the end of the day your student can take his/her valentines home to enjoy. If you have not signed up, please do so below. I think I have linked the sign-up so you will be able to add your name directly from the link. If you have any trouble doing so, please e-mail or text me ASAP.

Robert Bortins Visit

Thanks to all who attended one of Mr. Bortins presentations. During the presentation at GSWC, Robert answered many questions about his experience as a student in the Challenge levels of Classical Conversations. One thing he shared that really stood out for me is that Challenge is specifically designed to allow Level III and IV students to have opportunities for extracurricular activities. Robert shared his personal experience of having time to work at an engineering firm during high school which facilitated further opportunities during college. Because of his high school experience, Robert was able to get a job with an engineering firm, beating many other students with higher GPAs, helping him to pay his own tuition and expenses. During the presentation at Living Stones in Reno, Robert was able to share more about CC's commitment to encourage homeschooling in general as well as specific goals for the growth of CC. I was very impressed that CC is working to promote homeschooling internationally. Most importantly, Robert shared the heart of CC "To know God and make Him known." Robert stated that he felt the best way to do that is to educate our children the way God designed them to learn...Classically. I'm sure others who attended gleaned much more than I am able to write here. If you were unable to attend, please be sure to get the scoop from some of those who did.

CCCC Breakfast/Lunch Service

I fixed the link for the Breakfast/Lunch Sign-Up. Everyone who receives the link should be able to sign-up by clicking on the button above. We need someone who is willing to bring a crock pot soup for this week. It was such a blessing to have the Chicken Tortilla Soup last week!

Classical Conversations Information Meeting

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 1-3pm

2320 Heybourne Road

Minden, NV

Contact: Beverly Vugteveen:

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Classical Conversations Information Meeting

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 9-11am

899 Tahoe Boulevard

Incline Village, NV

Contact: Debra Kranz:

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