Heather Turns 30!

(and still barely looks old enough to drink legally)


Since this is your 30th, I wanted to do something special and creative for you. So I've decided to make the theme of this Birthday all about doing what you want. I've set up three choices that you have to make the final decision on. Check them out below!

Choice #1 - The Food

I've selected two restaurants that you've mentioned wanting to eat at and have reservations at both of them. The final choice is yours. Would you rather eat at:

  • Fiola
  • Nora's Restaurant

So it comes down to do you want a classic Italian Dinner, or do you want to eat at the Organic Restaurant that the FLOTUS loves?


I wanted to acknowledge the fact that you met your awesome goal of 30 races by the time you turn 30. I'm so proud of the way you set your goal over a year ago and stuck to it while running races without much training, in the cold, and even with the flu. In order to properly display your achievement, I want you to choose the way you'd like to display your bibs and medals. I've narrowed the choice down between two websites:

Again, its your choice if you'd prefer to have your bibs in a binder, or hung on the wall next to your medals.

CHOICE #3 - the suprise

Open your present :)